Kill Addiction

What’s up guys…..

It’s been a bit since I’ve wrote on here. The honest truth is I have been busy and am thinking of taking on some other projects.

In addition, I have taken some time to question many of my beliefs and will share this with you on another day.

Today I just want to briefly touch on addiction.

I firmly believe we live in a society which is filled with potential addictions at every corner.

Smart phones.

Social media.





The list goes on.

If you can conquer your addictions in this day and age, you are a powerful man.

In my own case pornography was an addiction I had battled with for a long time……

Addiction is a form of choicelessness (if that’s a word). 

Caving into one dopamine craving after another….. every time a temptation meets you, you cave.

But when you conquer an addiction you are building an extremely powerful skill: The ability to postpone pleasure and “choose” the person you’d like to  become.

Each week you don’t quit pornography you are further digging yourself into a cycle of choicelessness, dooming yourself to become a man filled with apathy, anxiety, and depression.

Each week you can’t put down the booze you are ensuring a  future of poor health and mental decay.

The smart phone is another rotten addiction of modern times. If you can’t put your phone down for more than a couple hours……you are addicted.

“How do I break the cycle”, you ask.

There is nothing that I or anyone else can do to break you out of your addictions.

I can only speak for myself and what has worked for me.

Two things (and they are very simple):

  1. Realize the path of choicelessness you are heading down and the man it will lead you to become. 
  2. Make a convicted decision: “I am done with this addiction, it will no longer rob me my opportunity choose my future in life.”

Just some thoughts I wanted to share with you on addiction this morning. I hope they help some of you out.

Talk to you soon.

One thought on “Kill Addiction

  1. Hello. I totally agree with this post.
    I think I’m beating the pornography addiction these days, I’m trying the 90 days nofap because I realized I was indulging too much in porn as stress relief. Not too much objectively, 3-4 times a week, but too much for my standards.
    I’ve been using it like that for years. In the last month I experienced what you’d call withdrawal symptoms. Headaches especially. Now I feel better and the urge is gone although I fear I could fall back easily. I think society should forbid porn like it was once. It was better when it was so forbidden that when you saw a clip with some pubic hair it was a jubilee. Nowadays there’s virtually no limit to depravation.

    I’d also like to point out another subtle addiction: television.
    It’s incredible how many people can’t keep it off, let alone give it away. Virtually everyone is a TV addicted. Where I live there’s a TV tax, everyone complain about having to pay, but no one ever considered my suggestion of getting rid of it.
    I gave it away many years ago and I have only a pc monitor to watch some movies and play games.
    It’s a suggestion I feel to give to any MGTOW


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