Hey guys,

I know my last post in the crypto section was on Monero. But I have dug a little bit deeper and feel obligated to reiterate that I think it is wise to be accumulating Monero over the next few years (bear market included).

The reasoning is simple…..

Monero is a true cryptocurrency.




Very low inflation rate.

And it is being used.

Now I am not going to shit on Bitcoin here, BUT I know you all notice just as much as I do that governments and corporations (see Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, and Michael Saylor) are cozying up to Bitcoin.

Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing….institutional involvement will take prices much much higher in my opinion.

These corporations are very similar to the herd of retail investors. When one hedge fund/family office/corporation makes a ton of money off of a speculative idea…..the others tend to follow.

I will say that Greyscale just opened up a Monero trust…..which is very interesting. This leads me to believe that Monero could see some downside should the governments put legal pressure on greyscale to shutdown this trust.

It hit me very hard a couple weeks back when I was posting in a Monero Forum. A few people liked one of the posts I had made…..

One of them had a username I had recognized (I couldn’t put my finger right away on where I had remembered the username)……it only hit me later that I had recognized the username as an early Bitcoin investor I had remembered reading about on the Bitcoin subreddit a few years back.

Now why would an early bitcoin adopter be liking my post on a monero forum?

Well perhaps he sees what many others see…..

Bitcoin is completely transparent, and while one can argue that privacy is coming via the lightning network, you cannot deny that big tech is warming up to Bitcoin in a big way.

So with Monero we have a crypto that offers the privacy which Bitcoin currently does not.

And to me privacy is extremely important….

So what happens when old Bitcoin whales (who also value privacy/libertarian ideals) have the option to swap from their wallets their Bitcoin for XMR.

Of course not all HODLers will make that swap, but it is a strong possibility that many will.

I just want bring Monero into your focus.

Look into it.

If my hunch is right, this thing could be valued similarly to Bitcoin in the coming decade. Today it is $209……and Bitcoin is over $50k.

What a bargain.

So with all those thoughts written out now, I’ll leave a few links below to get you started down the path of becoming Monero pilled.

Good luck my brothers.






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