Self Sovereignty

What’s up guys, it’s been a little while. Hope you’re doing well.

If you look through the archives of this blog you’ll notice that much of the previous posts discuss topics about mgtow, self improvement, women, simps, etc…..

The name of the blog is MgtowMastery. The reason many men come to MGTOW is because they have fallen down the redpill rabbit hole.

It starts with….“I now realize that what I was told to be true about women was a complete lie.”

And for most guys in the manosphere the natural next step is PUA or Redpill. “I will maximize my SMV! and get laid like a warlord.” 

And many guys will find sensual success down the path of looksmaxxing and lifting…..

If these men found the redpill sometime between 2015 and now, most naturally progressed to MGTOW.

For me though, I can now feel this journey of life transitioning to the next stage…

Self sovereignty. 

It’s not about women.

It’s about taking control of your life the way a man is designed to. 

We all know deep down that the bad behavior of women in our modern times is because of weak men.

I know many MGTOW creators like to hyperfocus on the flaws of modern women (I am culpable too)………but I now realize that this is a fruitless path.

The only thing you control in this life is yourself (your perception and actions). My only goal with writing on this blog was to help men.

I truly believe that the most important thing men can do at this juncture in time is to start taking the steps to build themselves into sovereign individuals.

Depend on yourself for food/income—>Not a corporation.

Depend on your own actions/thoughts for fulfilment –>Not other people. 

Master a craft… truth…….and help other men.

I am really trying to open myself up to God and a higher power. I know I have carried a lot of anger on my shoulders the past few years.

Anger is a powerful emotion when directed towards meaningful pursuits. There is no doubt that clown world enrages many men.

Just don’t let the anger overcome you. You are not alone in your thought that this world is currently in a dark place.

I see women celebrating abortion (the murder of innocent children) and think to myself “how sick”.

Men disillusioned into castrating themselves to fulfill a sexual fetish the radical left celebrates as transgenderism.

“Body positivity”……because “It’s ok to eat yourself to death.”

It’s crazy times we live in, and at the same time it’s never been a better time to become sovereign. Moral individual are the only ones that can save this planet.

Save in Bitcoin.

Continue seeking truth.

Focus on your health.

Kill vice.

Become sovereign.

Talk to you guys soon.


One thought on “Self Sovereignty

  1. Great blog! I would just add that along with Bitcoin a portion of your portfolio (10% is considered appropriate) should be allocated to precious metals – gold and silver. In these uncertain times (although usually all times are uncertain!) it acts as a great “insurance policy.”


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