Don’t Be a Sheep

Hope you guys are well.

It’s been a bit of time since I last wrote to you guys.

I just wanted to write a little bit today on the topic of sheep in this world.

By sheep I mean a person who fails to think for himself. 

Sheep look outward to make decisions in their lives.

The media tells me to wear a mask…..“I will wear a mask then.”

I was told that a college education would lead to financial rewards….“I will take on massive debt to get a degree.”

The women in my life told me to find my better half and live happily ever after….“I will marry and take on the high risk of divorce.”

Advertising taught me that I need alcohol and drugs to have a good time….“I will smoke and drink to feel alive.”

There is no original thought in the brains of sheep……only a hindbrain that directs them to look to other sheep and mirror what they see.

There is nothing deep about what I am saying…..this is just an observation.

I believe that it will serve any man step out of the sheepish role which characterizes many men today and take on a more active role in his thoughts and actions.

“How do I feel about this?”

“What do see to be true?”

Something else that comes to mind on the topic of sheep is the prevalence of life coaches and gurus.

The Jordan Petersons….

The Lifestyle YouTubers…

The twitter personalities charging hundreds for an hour of common sense life advice….

No hate on these types (they are filling a niche in the market)….but I see them as unnecessary if men would just step into their natural state,

Which is to lead.

Lead yourself that is…..

Don’t be a sheep.


I know this is a short post…but I am going to start trying to write in this manner as it will allow me to post a bit more often. 

Talk to you soon guys.



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