Lone Wolves

I must confess that for much of my life I have felt like an outsider.

That’s not to say I haven’t had friends or that I have lived my life in hermitude…..

But rather I have for the most part felt unable to truly feel connected to the “group”.

I am a contrarian and if anything….I prefer one on one interactions.

But the point of today’s post is not to give you a psychoanalysis of me or my own disposition……

It’s just that when I examine my own experience and hear from many of you, I can’t help but notice that the feeling of being a lone wolf is very common to the male experience.

The feeling of being beaten down by the world….without anyone to pick you up.

Going many weeks with minimal social interaction outside of school or work.

Avoiding mainstream tendencies like drugs, alcohol, and consumerism. 

Choosing a path in life that those around you don’t approve of.

Many men can relate to all the above.

There is a certain feeling you get when you can’t connect to the proverbial pack (masses)…..

A little bit of emptiness mixed with sadness.


Perhaps it’s biological.

Sometimes you wonder….“what would it be like if I succumbed to the group?” 

“To be accepted at last.”

If you read my last post…..then you’ll remember that (in my opinion) most people in this world are sheep.

They rarely think for themselves (if they think at all).

So succumbing to the group is succumbing to sheep.

“How do I deal with this feeling of loneliness?”

I am not telling you to cut yourself off from society…..I am speaking mainly on the mental realm in this post.

Think for yourself.

And just realize that there are few characteristics common to a man’s experience in this world:

-There are few that care about the outcome of a man’s life. (A harsh reality or liberating depending on how you look at it. 

-Value your own opinion above all others. You will leave this world alone…..and it is only your opinion that will matter on the way out.

Don’t let the lone wolf feeling get you down…..

It is one of the defining traits of the male experience and can only help you to evolve.

I’ll talk to you soon brothers.




2 thoughts on “Lone Wolves

  1. Someone once said, you have to face the desert, keep walking and don’t look back, suffer the burning thirst. Or, you can join the donkey herd, drink with them and sing their song. Your choice.

    In the end, we are all alone. Loliness and freedom are not rights. That’s the choices. The choices we can’t make. Loliness and freedom make it. If you feels lonely, that’s ok. That’s the energy, the motivation, the thirst that keeps you going forward. It can lead you to the greatest achivements, or burn you to the ground. Madness, autism, you name it.

    How to deal with that? Honestly I don’t know. Personally I use it as my energy, to workout most of the time. Or I just learn new things and forget about it.

    Hope you doing well, and have a nice time 😀


  2. I couldnt agree with you more. this is particularly why i abandoned the mgtow label, i couldnt handle the tribalism and drama.


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