Man’s Most Powerful Word

I won’t take too much your time today.

But I had a thought in regards to currently sad state of most modern man.


Porn addicted.

Simping away time.

You know….the usual behavior patterns of modern men,

“What causes this?”

Why have men grown so weak?

Why would a grown man out of his own free will decide to spend his salary on a random OnlyFans prostitute?

The Slippery Slope of “Yes.”

This is my thesis: “A man who continuously says ‘yes’ to vice and destructive behavior will eventually find himself in a hole.”

“Yes, I need to ejaculate.”

“Yes, I will accept a woman’s obesity for a dose of affection.”

“Yes, I will drink Coca-cola instead of water because it tastes good.” 

“Yes, I will stay home and play video games instead of lifting weights.” 

Most modern men simply can’t look the beast of dopamine in its eyes and turn away.

They make friends with the beast.

They embrace it.

And eventually the beast eats them alive.

“Yes” is the mentality that fuels addiction.

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 2.06.16 PM
Are you kidding me.

It’s bothersome to me because it my opinion that there a few characteristics that give certain men huge upside potential:

  • Self-awareness.
  • The ability to introspect and ask questions.
  • An appetite to learn/desire for truth.

Most modern men possess these traits.

That man pictured above likely has the capacity for all three of those traits (although he is failing miserably).

But sadly this potential is squandered… throw it down the toilet for short bursts of dopamine afforded by “yessing” their way through life.

So how does the modern man kill his addiction to “yessing” habit ?

The Steep Mountain of “No.”

A simple strategy.

The name of this article is “Man’s most powerful word”….

And I am sure many of you guessed it.


Rather than embracing the dopamine beasts provided by modern society you shun them.

“No, I will not watch pornography.”

“No, I will not eat fast food.”

“No, I will not seek flings with random strangers.”

“No I will crutch my social life with alcohol.”

Easier said than done some might say.

Very true.

Many modern men are addicted to dopamine release…...”How can I say ‘no’ if I am chemically addicted?”

Start With A Small “No”

“No, I will fast for the next 10 hours.”

“No, I will not play video games tonight.”

“No, I will not be idle.”


Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 2.18.30 PM
This guy couldn’t say “No.”

It’s the same as any new venture….

Start small.

“If you accomplish something good with hard work, the labor passes quickly, but the good endures; if you do something shameful in pursuit of pleasure, the pleasure passes quickly, but the shame endures.”

The Black Pill

The likely rebuttal: “Why should I say ‘no’ to the pleasures of life….this society is screwed beyond repair anyways.”

I’ve been seeing a lot of blackpill rhetoric on the internet.

Honestly, I don’t buy into it.

It’s really just another wormhole of the “yes” paradigm.

I agree, there are certain aspect of our society that are clownish and beyond repair any time in the near future….

“meh…WhAT a CoPE.”

I see the Black Pill ideology turning into defeatism.

There is always actions or chance that man can affect in his own realm.

You are always in control of your own daily actions. No matter how far society falls.

When the Black Pill transforms embrace your man’s most powerful word, “No.”

This just something that’s been on my mind the past couple of days…..

“Why are modern men so weak?”

I really do believe it’s because they have grow accustom to “yessing” their way through life.

Say “No.”

Delay gratification and lower your time preference.

You will be far ahead of the great masses of modern by doing so.

Talk to you guys soon.



4 thoughts on “Man’s Most Powerful Word

  1. Sometimes I really don’t know if that is a real photo or a well done PTS picture. Can’t believe people let themself to be in that state of obesity. In my country we haven’t reached that point yet, but hey, who know about next 10 years, right?

    A small addition I want to say is, don’t let the idea of “control my addiction” get you. Don’t try to control it, but ignore and destroy it. In the past, I had opened game window and told to myself: “OK I will just open it and look a little bit, then I will close it”. Next thing I know, I was in a new match. So, delete your only fan, your pornhub account, anything along the line. No compromise. Cut it off. That will help.

    Can’t wait for your Sunday Red pill/ MGTOW content this weekend. Have a nice day and take care, Mikey.


      1. Japan, but most of the time I live and work in other countries (China, Thailand and Vietnam). The more “modern” that country is, the more problems it has. China with divorce rape and material chasing life-style (both gender). Thailand and Vietnam with open-hypergamy and obesity.

        And overall, over-sexuallization culture.

        Boys start to use joke about how big their penis are, how long they can last,…

        Half of the jokes I hear involve sex. Maybe it’s normal in the Western culture but not here, at least not in my memory 10 years ago.

        My friend in Vietnam told me, 15 years ago, a 16 years old girl with pregnant will be a huge problem for anyone involves (the boy, families, school, local authorities,…). Now? They have cases almost every year everywhere, estimating a quarter of girl get out of high school had sex and try to normalize every thing (obesity, hypergamy, materialistic life style, tinder, single mom, cougar, souless-yolo and consuming life style…) just like how USA had done 3 last decades. At this rate, I think it will just take another decade to wipe out any good things left.

        My mentor was right, “we discarded the tool of Gods to live the life of man, now we pick these tool up just to live like
        beast”. Didn’t understand many of those golden advises until much later in life.


      2. I agree with you brother. Normalization of degeneracy has become the norm.

        Not many have the self awareness that you do.

        “We discarded the tools of God”

        Society has moved towards secularism (away from God). Many have replaced God with ego.

        Sex, power, and control are the aims of a society driven by ego.

        Self control, virtue, and life are the fruits of a society under God.

        My opinion.


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