A Man’s Superpower….

Perhaps you haven’t decided to go monk mode just yet. (See MGTOW Monk mode)

Perhaps you are still in a “monogamous” relationship….fulfilling all of your wildest blue pill fantasies.

No worries.

Every guy has different phases of his life he is going through.

Today I’d like to discuss the phase of “female rejection”…

“Let’s just be friends.“

“I don’t like you like that.”

“We should take a break.”

There is only one proper response in each scenario…



That is your ultimate power as a man.

The ability to walk away from a less than ideal situation.

Walking away communicates a lot.

It communicates balls.

It communicates confidence.

But most importantly it communicates self respect.

And if you don’t respect yourself…..no one else will.

The way people treat us is often just a mirror of how we view and treat ourselves.

But back to the topic at hand.

There is a dilemma modern men face…

They are inherently trapped by our dating culture and their sexual desire which nature has bestowed upon them.

Horniness + Scarcity = Desperation

It’s obvious to anyone with a modicum of observation skills…

We live in a world of simps.

I’ve harped on that quite a bit to you guys.

The point is this….

Men have been stripped of their greatest power.

The crazy part about it….is all a man has to do to get this power back is to be aware he has it.


Your super power….The ability to walk away.

No negotiation.

No appeasing.

No chasing.

Cold turkey….turn your head, move forward….don’t look back.

This doesn’t just apply to women and dating.

If you have a shitty job you hate…walk away.

Oh but I need my wage slave pay check.”

Amazon isn’t going anywhere.

The fat chicks will still be around celebrating their disgusting figures.

There will always be people who want to take more than they give.

The bad deals are a dime a dozen.

This is your only life….

Bad deals should be stomped out, and focus should be allocated towards the opportunities of value.

I’ve seen it among many of my good friends.

They are in a relationship with a girl that isn’t good for them..

She is liberal.


Or simply selfish.

They know in their brains and hearts that they can do better…

But they don’t act on it.

They don’t give themselves permission.

That’s all it takes to gain access to this power.

“I can say ‘No’”

Give yourself permission.

Imagine a life where you respect yourself.

You play to win.

“No” to the wage slavery.

“No” to obese land whales.

“No” to feminist dog mommies.

“No” to booze and shit food.

Seek the better deal.

Walk away from that which does not serve you or your purpose.

It disgusts me when I fill up my tank and I see a fit guy holding hands with Jabba the hut.

It disgusts me when I hear someone complain about their shitty job and they choose to freely give away their time (which is scarce).

Your super power is to walk away.

If you can’t give yourself permission to do that…

It’s going to be a long road.

That’s the funny part…

Many of the guys who can’t walk away…

They’re just scared.

They think that walking away is risky.


You are risking so much more by not walking away from the shitty deals in life.

Wake up.

Become aware of this superpower….

Exercise it.

And life will be easier for you.

Good luck guys.





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