New Year

Happy New Year brothers.

I hope you all are doing well.

“New year, new you.”

This is the common mantra of the masses each January. This is the time of year gyms are filled to the brim…..everyone is “starting fresh”.

The line of thinking of the average member of the masses is…..“This is it… chance to start anew!”

 But the reality is you are given this opportunity each day you open your eyes.

“Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.”, says Seneca. 

or Confucius…..

“You have two lives. The second one begins when you realize you only have one.”

I am not throwing these quotes around as a tool to motivate you, but rather I believe 2021 has a lot in store.

Covaids, the election, the possibility of more lockdowns……

2021 will test the souls of many men. Like I said before, this is usually the time of year people are resolving to carve off a few pounds or put down a stick of Tabaco……make more money.

But this year I believe it might be in a man’s best interest to resolve toward spiritual growth.

I mostly mean keeping your peace of mind through turbulent times.

“Each day is a new life”…..

No matter what these governments do….no matter how clownish the world is around us gets. The individual/rational man always has the choice to alter his perception. 

There is always that space between the external events/happenings in our environment and the way we choose to perceive those events.

That’s not to say roll over or to simply accept the events coming down the pike……

Just don’t let anything or anyone demoralize you.

That being said, I believe there are some very worthy external goals for rational men to aim for in the year ahead:

  • Completely purge pornography from your life.

This one is obvious, and I have spoken on it many times (see here). But I will continue to drive the point home. Pornography is destroying your dopamine receptors. The same can be said of over usage of our smartphones.

The point is that with every fap to hardcore pornography, you are throwing three things down the drain: your drive, your self respect, and your time. 

“How do I quit?”

Just make the decision right now.

Resolve with 100% certainty and conviction that you are eliminating porn from your life this very moment.

There is no tool more powerful for change than a decision made with absolute conviction. 

  • Self Sufficiency

Self sufficiency is going to become more and more necessary as this decade advances. Governments will continue to overreach and  try to take our freedoms away.

Do not roll over and accept this outcome as much of the masses will: start to think.

“How could I feed myself.”

“How could I earn for myself.”

“How could I defend myself.”


Remember…..fear is often derived from dependence. It is my opinion that big daddy governments and the central banks will be rolling out UBI sometime in the next couple years via a digital currency.

Dependence = fear = slave status.

Become self sufficient.

  • Learn about Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin

I’ve hammered this one hard too.

Bitcoin is perhaps one of the most important innovations in human history.  A decentralized protocol that allows the exchange of value over the internet.

I believe Bitcoin will be around for a long time…….

That being said, I do also believe there is the chance that we see a black swan event that could cause large fluctuations in price (think blackout…..”cyber epidemic”).

Learn about hard money and read my last article on time preference. There is also a crypto section on this blog which I post from time to time.

  • Get in the best shape you possibly can.

You can have all 21 million Bitcoin…..but in a poor state of health it means nothing.

Strong body = strong mind = strong soul.

Health is the most important form of health. Cut soda, smoking, processed foods, sleep well, and aim to exercise daily.

There are no excuses when it comes to prioritizing your health.

There is no amount of money that can buy you a new body.

Get fit during these turbulent times.

  • Keep building skills and anti-fragile incomes.

By anti-fragile I mean incomes that don’t depend on the system.

We now live in a self-surveilled society……where people will post your lowest moment/socially unaccepted behavior on social media for viral shame and infamy.

Not woke?

Go broke.

The best way to eliminate this fear of ostracization is to build a livelihood that would continue even in the face of viral shame.

Think e-commerce……trader, independent contractor… long as you have a skill that is in demand there will be no need to fear the sheep surveillance state.

Keep learning and keep honing your skills.

  • Avoid all forms of demoralization

I’ll be 100% honest with you here.

At times…..I have been a demoralizing figure. I confess that I have experienced my own bouts of anger and it often shows in my writing and tweets.

It’s never to demoralize you, but rather just an expression of my own state of mind at different points in time.

Do not allow yourself to be demoralized this year. Men have faced many hardships throughout history….

We have our work cut out for us with covaids, clown culture, feminism, and masses of people that remain asleep to the truth.

Keep your spirits up.

You will need a positive outlook going forward.

Well, that’s it for this post.

I just wanted to cover a few things that I feel are important for rational men heading into the new year.

Hope this helps some of you.

Talk to you soon brothers.



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