How To Stop Simping

It’s very simple.

We as men all know by now what a simp is. 

A simp is not just an infatuated man that directs all of his attention at a less than ideal women.

A simp is a man that directs his attention at anything that is less than worthy…..

worshipping athletes/celebrities.

Simping for politicians that don’t represent you.

Idolizing life coaches or internet personalities.

Again, the root of the simp’s problem is in the direction of his attention.

The simp believes that by directing all of his attention into some figure outside of himself there is something to be gained:

Simp = “Direct majority of my focus and time.”

Simp for women –> Get Laid.

Simp for athletic team –> Feel glory vicariously.

Simp for politician –> Feel like active participant in political realm.

In almost all cases the simp’s attention is exchanged for nothing but a short burst of feeling/emotion, in other words the misdirection of a man’s attention will leave him empty handed.

“So what is the simp’s solution?”

Now i’d be lying to you if I said I haven’t simped in some of ways mentioned above (most men have).

But I have found the solution to be simple:

First, realize the fallacy and unrewarding cycle in which you are trapped.

If i just give X all of my attention then I will get X reward.”

Economics 101: Make the supply of something plentiful and the demand will go down.

Your attention becomes valuable when it is focused. Concentrate and allocate your attention in a way to maximize your return on investment.

Make your attention scarce.

Focus on your goals.

Focus on learning. 

Focus on health. 

Focus on doing the things that make you happy. 

Focus on yourself.

Simping is a habit of neediness.

I am speaking from my own experience.

So what happens when you finally focus your attention and knock the simping?

If done consistently… start seeing results.

You realize you can create your own progress.

You realize the fruitless nature of your old ways.

“Politicians care only for power…..not my well being.”

“Giving a woman all your attention will not get you laid.” 

“Watching sports can be fun….but won’t lead to real change in my own life.”

I am not saying it’s easy….

It first takes a man to become cognizant of his error (this is the hard part and hopefully this short post helps).

Once a man is aware….then all he must do is make a simple decision:

“I will stop.”

Best of luck brothers.


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