Bitcoin Pullbacks

What’s up guys,

It’s been some time since i discussed crypto or investing with you guys. So I thought I’d give an update on my thoughts.

If you read some of by other posts in this section….you’ll see that some of speculative calls worked out nicely.

-Closed a call on GDXJ over the summer…..have another one opened for next summer.

-HUT Mining touched 1.33 just a day ago.

-Bitcoin almost reached all time highs recently.

Let’s discuss what’s on everyone’s mind: Bitcoin.

In my view nothing has changed with Bitcoin.

It was my opinion before March that we are in a bull market.…..

And in a bull market retraces are healthy.

If we see Bitcoin dip 20-30%, this is healthy. Historically, this has happened many times before. So just plan for a correction like this in advance.

When it happens is anyone’s guess.

The point is we are now in the open field (think american football)…..the endzone (2021-2023) is now in sight and all we have to do is plan accordingly and NOT lose our positions (sell).

I can’t recommend you financial advice, because I am not your advisor. However, what I will be doing is reviewing my written plan for this bull cycle (targets for profit taking on alts)…..In all honest I have not decided yet if I will take any BTC off the table (likely not as I believe the value will be exponentially higher in a decade or two).

Just remember this…..

There is less than 2% adoption of Bitcoin at this time of writing.

Hedge fund managers, corportions, and wealthy individuals are now stepping into this market……

The FOMO peak in 2017 was driven by retail investors (every day man)…..just imagine what happens to price when Apple and Google start FOMOing in.

Zoom out.

If you are reading this and already have a position…..consider yourself extremely blessed.

Talk to you soon brothers.

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