Self Mastery-Monthly Challenge (September)

Congratulations to those who completed the August Challenge of NoFap. Well done.

I’ve been seeing a challenge floating around on twitter in the past 24 hours….


A great idea for thirsty men across the globe. However, I don’t believe many simps read this blog.

That being said….if you have been on a simp streak you should absolutely take a month off and focus on your own goals.

So there are two challenges I have for you this September:

Challenge 1: Lift heavy weights at least 4 times per week.

Challenge 2: Reach out to one old friend/family member each week.

The motivation behind these two challenges….

September is Suicide prevention month. The first challenge I believe will help some men feeling down…..

Lifting is a great way to let out aggression and process negative emotions.

The second challenge is a way for you to make a difference in someone else’s life.

I have known  men who have taken their own life….usually these men feel there is no way out of their negative circumstances or simply feel that no one that cares about them.

By simply reaching out and being a good friend you are helping them more than you know.

You never know the mental angst some men face as many men have learned to project strength.

So yeah,


Reach out.

Those are my monthly challenges to you.

Good luck brothers.

I’ll post weekly aids below.

Week 1 Aid: Weight Lifting Transformation





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