Red Pill of The Week (#2)

Hope you guys are doing well this Sunday. 

Was a bit busy the past couple of weeks (out of town), but glad to be back writing for you guys. 

So this week’s red pill…

Red Pill of The Week: “Accepting responsibility increases your power.”

To be more clear….accepting responsibility for the circumstances of your life is the only avenue that allows you to change them.

“I am fat”….because I live in a society surrounded by fast food.

Versus, “I am fat because I chose to eat like shit.


“I am poor because no employer will give me a chance.”

Versus, “I am poor because I have chosen not to hone a skill, provide enough value, and persist.”


“I am depressed and sad because of the tragic of events of my past.”

Versus, “I am depressed and sad because I choose to focus on the events of my past.”

I am not saying that everything bad that happens in your life is 100% your fault….

The red pill here is that there is always a choice to accept responsibility in your life.

This is a tactic of the powerful. 

There is not much to write on this other than that by adopting a bias for responsibility you will make vast improvements to your life. 

Any time you are feeling powerless or weak simply say to yourself: “I am responsible.”

Enjoy your Sunday brothers. 




I will be starting my weekly email content today….you can sign up here.

Tonight I’ll be writing my thoughts on Tomi Lahren and her recent rant about how “all men are trash. 

I will be creating a  comprehensive manual for those who wish to quit porn. 

This is a way for me to make a tangible and positive difference in the lives of the men who read this blog. I just wanted to let you know my posting frequency may not be as much in the next few weeks as I will be dedicating some time to this project.

What you can expect:

  • I will release this manual before the end of September
  • Minimum 100 pages of quality content. 
  • Books, guides, strategies, wisdom to aid in your journey away from porn.
  • The goal: to get you through 90 days porn free.
  • A reasonable price.  

Don’t expect me to be shilling you this every day. Those especially interested can sign up to my newsletter above (I will keep you informed once every couple weeks through email).

I have some ideas for future projects as well….but do feel free to share your ideas below.

The more men I can help to make tangible changes in their own lives, the more time worthy this blog becomes. 

Talk to you guys soon. 




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