Self Mastery-Monthly Challenge (NoFap)

That time of month again.

First of all, congratulations to the who completed the month of June with daily exercise.

There really is no excuse for obesity.

Run, lift, drink water, and keep processed food to a minimum.

My hope is that these monthly challenges will help you guys develop habits that will last years.

Some may stick and some may not.

However if you can pick up 2-3 healthy habits from these monthly challenges….then I will see this as worthwhile cause.

So on to July.

Not too many votes….but the demand for this month pointed to NoFap (semen retention).

A worthy challenge.

I would venture to guess 90% of men out there can not go a month without fapping it.


July NoFap Challenge: 

  • No pornography
  • No masturbation
  • No ejaculation

Starts: July 11th (Today)

Ends: August 11th 

I am sure many of you have heard of the “superpowers” men gain when they participate with NoFap.

Benefits like:

  • Decreased brain fog
  • High drive
  • High libido
  • More confident
  • More energy

I’ll be honest with you.

I don’t believe in superpowers.

I believe most of these men are just so addicted to masturbation in porn that when they return to a normal state it feels like “superpowers”.

But really this is a challenge of discipline and willpower.

If you can go a month on semen retention you have demonstrated a high level of discipline and will that can be applied to any other area of your life.

30 days semen retention makes 30 days of exercise, writing, coding, practicing an instrument look like a cake walk.

So I hope you’ll choose to participate.

I’ll pin this post to my twitter.

Feel free to comment on the post or thread anytime to share your progress or support for others.

Week 1 Aid: 

Week 2 Aid:  What really happens when you go NoFap

Week 3 Aid: The Quitting Porn Timeline


2 thoughts on “Self Mastery-Monthly Challenge (NoFap)

  1. I’m in. I didn’t take it seriously last month and really got to see what I need to work on. I don’t need these vices. So yes, I’m in


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