MGTOW Milestones

Many mainstreamers will shame MGTOW as a “women-hating” or “incel” movement.


I do not hate women.

I hate what men and society have allowed them to become.

Unchained hypergamy.


And overall lacking qualities which aspiring mothers should possess.

Much of this transformation can be attributed to men.

Simps praising women for existing coupled with the political realm becoming more and more dominated by the feminine.

Feminism is certainly a factor to blame.

One thing you should know is that I am not anti-life.

I do not resonate with the defeatism of many other MGTOW content creators.

Yes, there are many blackpills to swallow in modern times:


-Lack of decent women.

-The consequences of multiculturalism.

-Inverted sexual marketplace


-Censorship and having our freedoms being taken away.

Despite the fact that modern times present many obstacles for men…the fact is you are a man.

You are masculine.

Filled with testosterone and vigor.

Persisting against all odds when only defeat seems possible….that is the essence of masculinity in my opinion.

The name of this blog is MGTOW Mastery.

MGTOW can serve as a beacon of light for the individual man in a society that seems to be falling apart.

The philosophy of MGTOW first allows a man to look at his own realm and determine what changes ought to be made.

It is my opinion that there are hierarchal milestones along each man’s journey.

They may differ for each individual….but today I would like to lay out a framework of these various milestones.

The MGTOW Milestones 

I want to approach this from a bird’s eye view.

Suppose a young 20 something man is lost in life.

Or a 30 something man feels he a chosen the wrong path.

Perhaps the middle aged man feels as though he has not truly lived.

MGTOW can be an optimal turning point for each of these men.

Let’s just choose one though.

We shall use the young 20 something man lost in his life.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 1.08.33 AM

Suppose there is a young 20 something man out there that is completely lost in life.

-He was just dumped by his girlfriend.

-He is out of shape.

-He has not found a career path.

-He feels disrespected.

-He is addicted.

-He is lost.

It is time introduce our young lad to the MGTOW milestones.

MGTOW Milestone 1: Acceptance

It could be any of the situations above. The first milestone is to accept completely your situation in life.

We are the sum of our choices. 

And the first milestone is just that….the choice to accept your current reality.

“I am lost right now….and I accept that.”

I am not earning the money I would like right now…and I accept that.”

“I am not healthy right now…and I accept that.”

Only once a man begins to accept objective reality for what it is can he begin to change.

The first milestone is the bridge from rationalization to responsibility.

And the MGTOW man accepts responsibility.

MGTOW Milestone 2: Viewing the world from your own eyes.

Viewing the world from your own eyes is simply the idea that you will think for yourself.

You will seek truth.

You will question the assumptions you have about life.

“Why do I believe what I believe in?”

“What choices led me to my current life situation?”

I would venture to guess that most men who discover MGTOW did so through being red pilled on women.

This milestone is marked by a growing appetite for truth.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 2.25.59 AM
Seek Truth

“How does the world work?”

“Who is in power?”

“What motivates mankind?”

When you achieve this milestone you will have gained the attributes of curiosity and truth seeking in perpetuity.

You will see the world through your own eyes and think for yourself.

MGTOW Milestone 3: Decide what YOU want.

Now that the lost 20 something man has accepted reality and began his journey towards truth, he is now ready to determine what he wants out of life.

Not what his parents wants.

Not what society wants.

Not what women want.

But what he wants out of life.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 2.30.02 AM
What do you want.

Perhaps he desires health and to start building his body through sport and weight lifting.

Perhaps he desires to build a skill and increase his financial means.

Perhaps he desires to find a good woman (will write a post on this soon) and have children (oh the blasphemy).

MGTOW is not a philosophy which pigeonholes a man to any certain path.

Yes, much of the time it reminds men of the legal ramifications of modern marriage and many other obstacles which men face….

And that’s the issue.

Most believe that’s where MGTOW stops….at women and marriage.

It is up to you to decide.

You think for yourself now.

The most practical thing you can do to achieve this milestone is take a notebook out or buy a journal and begin to write out your thoughts on the topic.

“What do I want out of life?” 

Write this at the top of a blank page and let the thoughts flow. Be honest with yourself…and make sure that what you write is true.

You will get no value out chasing the carrots other people set in front of you.

MGTOW Milestone 4: Valuing your time.

You will know you’ve reached this milestone when you begin to view the hours of your day as seeds similar to those planted in a garden.

Attend to the hours.

Nurture them.

Don’t simp them away.

Invest them as you would money in the stock market…..and reap your harvest as the years pass.

“But I have already wasted so much time.” says the lost man.

I recommend you read my article Principles of Stoicism Part 1.

The stoic principle of focusing only on the present is “based” as the zoomers say these days.

The past is never coming back, so why wallow over it.

The future is not here yet, so why worry about it.

Focus only on the present…..that is all there truly is.

MGTOW Milestone 5: Killing vice and addiction. Facing your demons.

What MGTOW milestones has the young man achieved up to this point:

  • He has accepted reality. 
  • He views the world from his own eyes.
  • He has decided what he wants.
  • He has placed a premium on his time.

Now before he can build momentum and begin to conquer his demons.

For each us these demons might look different.







Self doubt.

The demons will be different for each man.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 2.32.49 AM
Kill Vice

The practical step once again is to take out a pen and pad…..begin to name your demons (vices).

“You are slave to what you cannot say no to.”

Lay out a plan for how you will conquer each vice (one plan for each vice). Be very specific in how you will carry out the annihilation of your demons.

If you can reach and execute this milestone you are on the path to true freedom.

We live in a society of addiction.

Temptation is around every corner for the modern man. 24/7 pornography, sexualization of society, streaming services, the list goes on and on.

The man who can conquer his vices is ahead of the great masses of men.

Kill one at a time.

“The man who is everywhere is nowhere.”

Focus is your best friend in your achievement of this milestone.

MGTOW Milestone 6: The attainment of what YOU want.

Whether it’s financial independence, a healthy body, a job that fulfills you. The specifics are not important.

The young lost man has overcome that which most men will forever be enslaved to (vice).

The man who can banish pornography from his life is only a small stepping stone away from attaining his true desires.

The practical step once again is to write down your desires and create actionable plans to achieve their attainment.

“I will master the guitar.”

“I will lose 50lbs.”

“I will start a blog.”

Then give yourself deadlines. If I didn’t give myself deadlines to write these articles they probably wouldn’t get written.

Deadlines are the adversary to procrastination. 

Consistency is your best friend in achieving this milestone. Take daily action no matter how small, every day…..and it is almost guaranteed you will achieve your goals.

“A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules.”

This is how I built my twitter account.

This is how I stay in shape.

Small tasks executed daily. 

MGTOW Milestone 7: Find your purpose.

This milestone is very different from deciding what it is you want in life.

It is much more intangible and abstract.

What were you put on this earth to do?

What are the ideals and virtues you wish to permeate throughout the world? 

Questions like these a man will ask himself.

I will be honest with you guys….this is probably the most difficult milestone for a man to achieve.

Many men never find their true purpose. 

It could take years of trial and error for the young lost man we discussed earlier to find his true purpose in life.

I am no expert on this.

I would be lying to you if I said I have found my one true purpose in life.

I simply know this is the most important milestone for the MGTOW man.

There will be failure, lost relationships, rejection, and moments of despair between the now and the discovery of your purpose.

The idea is not to give up until you find it.


No matter what age you are….

What country you live in/your race….

What you look like…

MGTOW presents an opportunity for every man to introspect and build structure around his life.

There are many minor (more specific) in between milestones which you could add:

  • finding a hobby
  • self reliance
  • your defining virtues
  • Health/skills/business

Again, ultimately you decide.

I just tried to include the milestones that I felt were most important.

I hope you who are reading this can make your way through each one milestone, ultimately reaching the summit of finding your true purpose in life.

Thanks for reading, I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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  1. Really like this post is guide for any man who truly don’t want be rage against family court and work positively for himself


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