Simp of The Week (#8)

Well, I screwed the pooch earlier.

My post earlier contained two lesbians (have to keep it real with my brothers).

That being said there were some applicable lessons in there.

-Avoid unstable women at all costs

-Walk away and don’t look back.

-“Open relationship” muttered out of a woman’s lips is reason to ghost.

Just a few lessons from the lesbian simp I mistakingly thought was a man. (No apology though….because apologizing is simp behavior).

So let’s introduce a new simp.

Classic simp intro

“I find you bery attractive.”


“Don’t you like to have sex.”


And then the girl: “I only like to have sex with people who respect me!”


To exhibit B.

Pulling out the big simp guns.

Kiss face emoji ☑️

Compliment an unworthy women ☑️

“Baby girl” nickname 10 minutes into conversation ☑️

Girl giving one word answers. ☑️

Don’t simp.

“U special to me.”

Pedestalizing a woman he’s never met. ☑️

Woman continues to refuse meeting. ☑️

Simp rage starts.

Simps have a lot of built up rage.

They put pussy at the top of their life priorities, but to no avail.

And despite constant rejection….they continue to persist chasing women who don’t want them.

All of this energy builds up…

And it churns in the simp psyche…

Only to explode.

“Fucking hoe.”

And once the rage comes out, the simp reveals his true feelings regarding his target.

“Double standard bitch.”

I’d bet some money that the girl this guy is simping to is overweight.

Just speculation though.

The simp exit

“You really are the worst type of guy.”, says the land whale.

Fucking retard.”,the simp comes back with.

As one of my followers on twitter comments regularly,

Damn shame.

You got two in one today….the lesbian simp (if you saw before I took it down) and the classic simp.

Hope you enjoyed.


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