Aphorisms of Pook

Happy 4th of July brothers.

Today I would like to share with you some aphorisms from The Book of Pook.

For those of you that don’t know…an aphorism is just a short statement of truth…or an observation, like “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Pook was a respected poster on the PUA (pick up artist) forum SoSuave.

Obviously this isn’t a pick-up blog, but many of the aphorisms are “red-pilled” and offer some good insight.

In many ways I believe Pook shared many of the values and beliefs many MGTOW men do today.


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The Book of Pook

There are many aphorisms that Pook gives. Perhaps come back to this post from time to time as it will be hard to go through them all in one sitting.

Here are the aphorisms I believe you will get the most value out of:

“It all comes down to this choice: live your dreams or live other people’s dreams.”

“The bitterness of a poor quality woman is remembered far longer then the sweetness of how easy it was to get her. Keep your standards up. Aim HIGH.”

“The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is this: the former INVESTS his time while the latter SPENDS his time. Most young people don’t realize that they are at a golden moment to plant seeds of talent to harvest throughout their lives. Some think, “When you get older, it gets harder.” That’s only if you SPEND rather then INVEST. If you INVEST your time, life keeps getting easier and more fun.”

“The more divided a man is between his dream and self, the more he will point to how ‘nice’ he is, how ‘intellectual’ he is, and unceasingly inform us on how ‘rotten’ the world is.”

“Philosophy is the refuge for those who refuse to be flesh-and-blood.”

“Who are the truly unhappy males? It is those who live for the women’s desire. These include the Nice Guys, the Players, and anyone who dresses, talks, and even puts their profession at what ‘women want’. These guys have no sense of self when a woman stands before them.”

“Unlimited opportunities with women are just as frustrating as no opportunities. The Nice Guy and the Lady Killer will end up with the same frustration. The only cure is to create your own world, your own standards, your own life, and bring women into your world (rather then be sucked into their world).”

“When you see a metrosexual, call him ‘princess’. That is the correct name for such creatures.”

“Women occupy a place, in thought and action, which is unique and essential to Man and the world. Why on Earth would they reject the precious gifts Nature has given them to imitate models of ‘male domination’? The genius of every woman is to love; to protect and nourish the lives entrusted to her; and to support the full development of life in others”

“Ignoring the truth of sexuality is ignoring the truth of life. Break sexuality’s cycle and so end up in a life of utter collapse.”

“Dreams are more powerful than facts. Imagination is stronger than knowledge, the myth more powerful than history, and passion will always go further than experience. The final word to the book of science is that the world can be made to whatever we want, that the real world is not outside you but within, which gives us all the power to begin the world over again.”

“Most people live in a web of narcissism and they have different strategies to achieve it, which people mistake for different lives. From the intellectual who reads solely to stroke his ego to orgasmic revelation, to the player who sticks his pride in so many chicks, to girls who pop themselves with “cherry-like” husbands and kids just to make the neighbors’ jealous, the strategies differ; the narcissism is the same.”

“Ladies, if you have only one hour left to live, spend it with Nice Guy. That hour will seem like an eternity.”

“Manners for men: direction of masculine strength, not the denial of it.”

“The difference between mistakes and experience is this: mistakes are made when one has not achieved his desires whereas experience is made when the desires are achieved. If you still are making mistakes, keep making them, and at some point all those mistakes will morph into experience”

“Show me an unsuccessful person in life and I will show you a person who thinks they are ‘perfect’.”

“Older women are easiest to have casual affairs with. Youth is a wizard’s staff and without it, she can cast no spells.”

“Relationships of the ‘New’ Man and the ‘New’ Woman are two androgynous beings swapping a phallus. “I’ll be the Man for today, honey.” “OK dear, but I get the phallus Thursday for a meeting at work.”

“Faith in the ‘glory’ of women is a substitute for the lost faith we have in ourselves.”

“The burning honor that men feel duty bound toward women is ‘attaching our drowning selves to a passing raft’. What looks like ‘nobility’ is a way of holding on for dear life. Take away the ‘honor’ a man feels he owes to the woman and you leave his life puny and meaningless.”

“Sexuality extends outside the bedroom. Did sexuality exist in films of the 50s and downward? There you find the greatest depictions of romance (of how the tension builds and builds just for a kiss), of plot (epics), and of men (John Wayne). Imagine if people, today, externalized their sexuality outside in the same way. Rather than cocooning our sexuality in the bedroom, it would now be part of every waking moment. Let society become sexualized (as opposed to eroticized) once again.”

“Reveal a man’s perspective on woman and reveal his perspective on life.”

“Men conquer worlds; women conquer men.”

“Women and finance are not two but one”

“Listen very carefully to the words women use when they talk about men (especially among themselves). It is like their conversation is revolving around domestic appliances”

“Why do people remain scared their entire lives? Because what you call fear, they call ‘virtue’. This applies with women as well as with money. “It is virtue in being chivalrous.” It is FEAR that is behind that chivalrousness. “It is virtue in saving and living cheaply.” It is FEAR of investing and living well that is behind the saving and cheapness”

“Why do older women DESPISE beautiful young women? It is because they have the potential to be very rich. Older women never despise young ugly women or married beautiful women (attached with regular joe shmoe husbands).”

“You can bring a foreign woman from South America or Asia into America, but that is like putting good food into an unclean dish. The food eventually spoils.”

“Many find a woman (or women) as a substitute for achievement. This is female thinking, that the ‘union’ means your life is complete.”

“Women who bark at a gentleman will lick the boot of an asshole.”

“Man! Man! Man! In three words, I have summed up the appetite of History.”

“When a woman does not mind her own business, it is because it is not worth minding. She takes her mind off her meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business. So she creates dramas, wants to control your life, looks for a guy to cure the boredom she has in life. This type of woman must be avoided at all costs.”

“Romanticism is the enemy. It destroys lives, makes people get together who shouldn’t, and makes the PURSUIT of a lover more acceptable then the COMPANY of the lover.”

“There are several strands of Romanticism. First, is the ENVY strand. Guys want a certain girl or girls want a certain guy solely to have everyone envy them. People want others to envy them because they know they have no real worth to themselves. Second, is the Star-Crossed-Lovers strand. Girls or guys will go over-the-top with a ‘two cherries stuck together’ mantra of love. They do this because they have no sense of self. Third, is the romanticism of sex as an achievement. These guys or girls will believe that they are the first ones in history to discover the joys of sex and are stuffed with the words of ‘liberating’, ‘new’, ‘revolution’, and ‘freedom’. Yet, the result is that they end up less free, not doing anything new, tightening chains around their sorry life, and cannot face the fact that they are centuries behind the times.”

“Often, a lady asks, “If I get fat, my Pooky Wooky, will you still love me?” And I reply, “My dear, Aristotle defines love as founding friendship on beauty. If there is no beauty to base friendship on, then, according to Aristotle, there can be no love.” And what can she say to that!”

“Intelligence is not conscience. Intelligence is not virtue. Intelligence is not character. Intelligence is not morality. Oh intellectuals, who find themselves so brilliant that they think they ought to outshine all stars, they do not notice their own contradictions. It is impossible to debate with intellectuals because, with them, you can come to no truths. They are the living contradictions”

“Life is always better than Non-Life. Always.”

“When a woman talks to a man, she is thinking of his future (his earning potential, etc.), and when a man talks to a woman, he is thinking of her past (how old is she? her weight? her history?). It just shows that you guys are free to make mistakes, as women will look at your future, not your past.”Feminism is but one of the many arrows of the Modern Bow, all aimed at targeting Sexuality.

“Those who hold hatred at differences between men and women hold hatred at Humanity. They literally despise being human.”

“Women ought to look at the success of Feminism as its Ultimate Refutation. Feminism holds that men, and the EVIL sexuality men impose on women, ran the world in a vast patriarchy. If this was true, feminism wouldn’t have a chance or at least experience fierce opposition from ‘patriarchy’. Yet, historically feminism’s biggest critics were women. Men passively accepted it. It shows that while men may conquer the world, women conquer men. Men’s problem today is being too nice, too sappy. By letting Feminism thrive, men show that we want to please women and that men are more influenced by women than feminists would dare admit. I would dare say that Feminism is the only modern movement that describes men as the way they would love to think of themselves: as dangerous, conquering, rulers. In reality, men are delegated in womaniverse the same status as donkeys. The cutest hardest working donkey wins!”Feminism is but one of the many arrows of the Modern Bow, all aimed at targeting Sexuality.”

“Those who hold hatred at differences between men and women hold hatred at Humanity. They literally despise being human.”

“Feminism is but one of the many arrows of the Modern Bow, all aimed at targeting Sexuality”

“Women fear being alone more than being harmed.”

“Women love the working man. They love to see him work.”

“Women are still the little girls they used to be with the addition of milk sacs and fat deposits. If you keep this in mind, you will do all the things correctly with them. Between the ages of 5 and 20, women did not suddenly become ‘mysterious’ or ‘bizarre’. She just got more estrogen. How you deal with 5 year old girls is how you deal with 25 year old girls.”

“The very root of the anti-sexuality that has been sprung on us is trying to FREE us from gender. To be Human is to be free, to be free from being Human is to be a slave. Feminists find themselves as the new agents of liberty but they are forgetting that the basis of liberty is the Law of Nature.”

“We all have failings in life. The losers are those who seek women as a balm for their personal failings. “If I marry her, my life will have purpose and be complete!” The result is a nagging frustrated wife. The point is that we helped create the nagging wife, she didn’t come from nowhere.”

“Many people live through life backwards. At the threshold of youth, they look on older age with disgust, fear, and boredom. “I must have my fun NOW,” they say. So off they go, making famine of time where abundance lies, spending their time rather than investing it. When they get older, their future is exactly as they thought. Since they planted no seeds of talent or skill, they had nothing to harvest so their happiness starved. With this future, they think they were right because their future came as predicted. So then they spread the error by advising youth to act like they did.”

“Others have been able to checkmate Time. They see it that as one gets older, Life gets easier. So they work hard in their youth, carving out a comfortable place in the world. And as time passes, their work grows easier as does their fame. Since they invested their time rather than spent it, talent, skill, intelligence, and ability grow in abundance. In this life, there is no real decay.”

“Women are at their loudest when they’re lonely. This is also true with dogs.”

“Have you ever noticed how some people spend their lives trying to get loved more by strangers than their community? It is like they desire to be some celebrity with no real friends (but with fans). This ‘celebrity’ lifestyle ends up fake. When you hear of singers or actors getting busted for drugs, it often isn’t because that is who they are, but they’re trying to live up to this persona. If a celebrity warns friends, when they meet, not to tell the paparazzi, and the paparazzi show up, who told? Probably the celebrity himself. Their lives are a script.”

“Still unconscious, you lie in a coma in a hospital where the real battle is being fought inside you. The doctors stand around, watching. You go to work, go to school, feed, sleep, perhaps sex here and there, but nothing different from the routine of a beast. The doctors are furiously trying to reconnect the currents of your mind to your body. Actually, they desperately are trying to reconnect your life to your soul. No one mentions this but you know it too well: your life depends on the choices you make now in your youth. What you do today echoes a lifetime.”

“It is good for young men to read a post full of aphorisms.”

“I smell the gasy effects of a holocaust of sexuality. Nazi-like feminists and their footsoldiers, the intellectuals (all believing themselves brilliant and far above Mankind), wearing their arm bands of degrees and organizations, march women and men to ‘education chambers’ where philosophic spores are clouded into the rooms. Instead of thinking of ‘motherhood’, ‘wife’, ‘man’, ‘warrior’, ‘fatherhood’ the people think, ‘equality’, ‘rape’, ‘patriarchy’, ‘sensitivity’, and ‘uni-sex’. The schools, a type of concentration camp themselves, have done their work well. Sexuality has been ‘cleansed’. The men and women are now androgynous and march forth proudly with their new ‘philosophies’ zombie-like.”

“Sexuality, families, and men did not come about because of society. To the contrary, sexuality, families, and men are what made society possible in the first place.”

“The truly smart aren’t those who read tons of books and words. The smart are those who can read their own heart and mind.”

“The most virulent feminist I’ve ever met was a male.”

“The Nice Guy desire to ‘merge’ with a woman is partly a desire to lose himself.”

“Intelligent people often overvalue ‘intelligence’. In fact, they cannot comprehend how intelligence can be overvalued.”

“It is impossible to introduce a more destructive idea than “Sexuality is evil.” This means that all natural actions will be hesitated by philosophic thoughts, that families will be shattered on the Altar of Intelligensia, people will bump into each other only for sex and become public uteruses and dildos (thus, DESTROYING sex by turning it into a mutual masturbation), and the natural harmony of Human life will become that of discord and despair. The result is a fear society.”

“Women who complain of sexual harassment wish it would happen to them.”

“All organisms naturally grow and produce fruit. When you notice someone, or yourself, going in circles with changes or not bearing any growth, any fruit, whatever philosophies or mindsets bouncing around in the skull is properly called a cancer. It is destroying you from inside out.”

“Growth is evidence of life.”

“As society becomes more androgynous, the more sexual intercourse (in different positions, styles, and places) becomes hyped. This is because, above all, men want to feel like a man and woman wants to feel like a woman. When sexuality is outlawed, when men are not allowed to act like men or women to act like women, all focus flows into intercourse.”

“Sexuality includes but is far beyond just ‘sex’. People today confuse sexuality with eroticism. If this is true, then society is becoming morerepressed sexually. The feminists become the new puritans, scared that someone, somewhere, is being male or female. It is a reverse Victorian Age. Where the Victorian Age would cover up a table leg since it resembled a woman, we are in an age where we re-socialize children for fear they might act like men and women, edit out all male pronouns, and consider anything ‘masculine’ to be ‘rude’ and anything ‘feminine’ to be ‘weak’. This dry apocalypse of sexuality is the Modern Crisis that psychologists are trying to figure out.”

“Waste time and time will waste you.”

“Realize that everything is process, everything is energy. There are no objects, no true identity. Everything is melting into each other. Our eye is too slow to see this. Decay. Decay. Decay.”

“Our thoughts are infinite. Our actions are finite. The expression, the bridge between these, is part of both. When we’re gone, all that is left is the expression.”

“Far from conquering, the male sees sex more as a metaphysical victory. How often is it that once a man obtains this that he loses his ambition and drive? This is why goals have to be BEYOND women. Sometimes, males see sex as a type of liberation from the sexual exile we are locked within as women are the gatekeepers, and hold all the keys to this ‘Promised Land’. Yet, the harder one tries to ‘liberate’ himself this way, the deeper Nature’s claws dig in. Soon, one becomes the slave to Nature.”

“A man who loves like a woman becomes a slave. This is the Nice Guy.”

“Men change their clothes to match their lifestyles/attitudes. Women change their lifestyles/attitudes to match their clothes.”

“To sit it out appears to be the dominant vote. We have been assigned to our posts of flesh to this age and look how we squander it! So many say, “Oh, if I were only born to be a woman! How I could have no worries! How I could have no troubles! How I could eternally be a child!” So many males are turning into females. The wives are dominant. Due to these new dominant women (since there are no men left), their estrogen levels will rise and with it will be a tilt to more males than females being born in the next generation in order to create more chances of the emergence of Men (for this is nature’s corrective process).”

“Well. First, it is absolutely impossible for women to love, because the only way they can exist is through other people. So when they “love” a child, or “love” a husband, or “love” their mother or father, what’s actually happening is that they’re using those other people for their existence. It is only through those relationships do they actually exist. So when a woman says that she has unconditional love for her child, don’t believe her! What’s actually happening is that she’s using that child as she would a new bangle – a way to enhance her position on the planet.

Oh! Oh! The reply: This is why women spend so much time gossiping on the phone, because they wouldn’t exist without that social contact. Children just provide another form of social contact.

And the woman answers: Children are just another thing to talk about. Women love to talk, as we all know, and as you say it’s their connection with the world – it makes them alive.

She goes on:

“What about single women parents? It’s been said that they are being prepared to wait for that special man to come along instead of just grabbing anyone off the queue, you can see that the government – especially in this country – has taken the place of the husband, and provides and protects and supports women, and is seemingly doing a mighty fine job for the amount of single parents there are around. Now does this mean that she has changed? That is, has she really become more independent? Has she changed the basis of her psychology, which is, to my mind, submission. I say no, obviously. If you have a look at her, she’s still not striving for anything. She goes on her merry way every day, wishing and dreaming the same dreams that she’s dreamed for eternity, and she definitely isn’t evolving into an independent, single-minded, self-reliant creature.”

Many aphorisms, I know.

Some of them you may not agree with. But that is the point. 

Aphorisms inspire thought and reflection. Some hit you just right. It is best to read these in doses. 

Happy 4th of July guys. Hope you enjoyed. Talk to you soon.


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