Simp of The Week (#7)

Simp sunday…

The simp supply just never dries up does it.

And coming in as our Simp champ of the week,

“Nathan”. (Simp text in black)

Here Simp Nathan sees his chance…

Nathan sees his opportunity.

The target has just broken up with her “abusive” boyfriend and Simp Nathan shows no hesitation to roast…


Simp Nathan pouts

Common simp strategy…

Pout when you don’t get your way.

“You’ve been a great friend.”

Princess knows what’s shes doing here.

Nathan just want her “to care”.

“So i mean nothing to you.”

Immediate friend zone evisceration.

Let that be a lesson to men…

If she puts you in the friend zone, essentially you mean nothing to her.

You are her replaceable emotional tampon.

“It is important for me to be single right now.”


Another dead end on Simp street.

A little context for pic number 5….

Simp Nathan in the friend zone.

What Nathan should have done is walked away the second she showed disinterest.

If you’re out there dating shoot your shot….if it’s an air ball just walk away.

Simps just don’t get it.

The golden rule doesn’t just apply to others.

It applies to yourself self as well.

If someone treats you like shit, bounce. Life is too lose peace of mind for those who do not see your value.

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