The Current State of The Sexual Marketplace

Good men don’t want to date.

It’s that simple.

The men who would make good fathers…..

The types who aren’t degenerate thugs or drug addicts….

The men that would happily provide for a chaste women and her family….

These men are saying “fuck it.”

“But why though?”

This post-wall match maker makes some valid points.

“A husband is a certain type of animal.”

“My type was the CEO…I had to make some compromises”

“A husband has certain values.”

She comes so close to saying it, but never does.

“A husband is an altruistic workhorse.”

That’s what she wanted to say.

But the way I see it there are a few reasons why good men have opted out of the current dating market….

The Current State of the Sexual Marketplace

It is quite obvious what is going on.

The sexual market place is divided into three rungs on the female side and two rungs on the male side.

The female sexual market consists of:

Low-rung women (1-4s): These women are characterized by an array of characteristics that make them unattractive to men. Think obesity, single motherhood, feminist ideology, various piercings/tattoos, etc. Now back in the day some of these women may have been somewhat fit, but in our modern market these women are largely characterized by high BMIs and masculine personalities. A man never wants to make these types the mother of his children. 

Mid tier women (5-7s): These were the women men once chased for the opportunity to propose and start a family. No more. Two fates await the mid-tier women. They are either snatched up early (high school/college) or they choose to ride the carousel and inevitably end up damaged. In the case of the latter (carousel rider) these women are pumped and dumped by Chad and stripped of their ability to pair bond. They will forever view the man who inevitably commits to them as the “runner up”. The baggage that comes with carousel riders is undesirable. 

High-tier women (8-10s): The “dimes” is how these women are often referred to. These are the women most men find objectively attractive. These types have unlimited options, including attention from famous men/celebrities. The realm these women live in is that of social media. These types will promote their social media, cash in on simpenomics, and spend their time being courted by high-smv (famous) men. 

The male sexual market consists of:

The bottom 90%: It could be a point of debate whether this figure is 80% or 90%. I say 90% as it appears to be headed that direction. Anyways, the bottom 90% consists of a great variety of men. Incels, normies, betas (providers), etc. The sad reality is these men are largely competing with each other for the low-tier women mentioned above. 

The top 10%: These are the “billionaires” of the SMP. Whether it be from genetics, social proof, etc these men have access to a large variety of women. The pumpers and dumpers if you will. Most women compete for commitment from these men (Who ironically enough don’t want commitment….why would they abandon their wide array of options?)

This is the structure of our current sexual marketplace. So why are many men in the bottom 90% choosing to opt out? Seems like a frivolous question at this point, but since you asked….

Women With High Standards

There is no shortage of women with ever increasing standards. You heard it from the matchmaker above.

Women want the perfect man….

“Six feet tall.”

“Six figures.”

“Six pack.”

“Must be well traveled.”

“Must be a liberal and share unrealistic egalitarian beliefs.”

You get the point, the list goes on and on. The hypergamic demands of women know no end.

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 3.00.12 PM
“All I want is a Giga-Chad.”

And as mentioned by the matchmaker, these standards are completely unrealistic. The portion of men that meet all of a woman’s “required criteria” for dating will easily be under 5% of the male population (even worldwide).

Anyone remember this video….

The asian woman in the video above at her peak represents a mid tier woman (5-6)…..even these types carry unrealistic standards for men.

So that is one reason men are choosing to opt out of this absurd dating market.

A high amount of effort yields a very low reward.

As I mentioned above….80-90% of men are competing for the bottom 80% of women. So inevitably some portion of the 90% of men will be able to attract a low-value woman.

One man on reddit lasted three months on the apps…..

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 3.22.54 PM
Wise man


“No bro….you just have to keep grinding….”

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 3.20.24 PM
Sarcastic Cunt

And men will keep investing their time trying to extract just a bit of value from this dating market.

Dating, texting, facetiming, sprucing up their social medias, taking the right supplements, dressing to the tee……

Yet they continue to come across women like this…

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 3.25.13 PM
“Better be 6 feet tall”

And so for men it becomes a question of logic.

Does the average man really want to put in all of this time and effort to reel in women like the one pictured above.

Of course he doesn’t.

It becomes much more rational to opt out…to watch porn, smoke weed, or play video games (Sad but true).

Modern dating present modern risks.


Men have been castrated.

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 3.31.30 PM
“He called them pretty and asked for their phone number.”

So if a man doesn’t want to participate in the extremely cut throat nature of online dating he should move to the real world where saying “hello…you’re pretty.” is deemed as “rape culture”. (Honk honk)

Forget about the false allegations and Metoo for a moment though.

Ponder the man who overcomes the odds.

He self improves.

He lifts. 

“Fuck you Mikey….I’m going to compete amongst the 80%, I am going to find me a wife.” (I admire a man with such resolve…very masculine)

And from all his efforts he manages to lockdown a solid 6 with a relatively low body count of 15.

This man has forgotten the outcome which characterize a majority of marriages in our modern times…..

Divorce anyone?

So you see the dilemma.

#Metoo + divorce = risks not worth taking for many men.

“Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”…..Catch 22.

Men are getting red pilled on a mass scale. 

Like it or not men are being awakened to the long-game.

Men are starting to realize that in a dating market characterized by unchained hypergamy, online dating, and long-term inherent risks….the rational choice is not to play.

This why I see a big future for sex robots. The morality of such a creation is up for debate as it could be devastating for birth rates and humanity.

However the sexual market is similar to our current financial market….bubble territory. 

As more and more men become red pilled or decide to go MGTOW, this bubble will inevitably pop.

In my view this is still at least 8-10 years out. So in the mean time I see many more men choosing to opt out.

Comment below to share your thoughts, talk to you guys soon.


3 thoughts on “The Current State of The Sexual Marketplace

  1. Dude,

    You are one of the few who make any sense and can see things for as they are. Here is a bit of my own observations after a number of years thinking about this, I am quite physically attractive for a male and even I don’t want to deal with all the bullshit because that is all it is. A lot of guys talk about 80/20 rules and I have to say it is a paradox for men for a variety of reasons here in the United States.

    One thing that I have noticed is that if women cannot control you then they really don’t want you….this is why myself an attractive guy I get absurd amounts of married women/women in relationships who want to fuck me but regular single american women to date is like pulling teeth or non-existant. In regards to married/relationship women, they locked down some dude and then they just cheat on them like its nothing man and sometimes I didn’t even know to where now I just straight up ask if the woman is married so I don’t go down that road. I’ve encountered outright cheating so much now that it is no longer a surprise, even in my own family.

    Women talk a big game about wanting someone confident/assertive but that is largely bullshit, if you won’t bend the knee then they move on to the next sucker who will. There are large swaths of women who go for straight up losers, or have totally inappropriate relationships for example have you been paying attention to all of the young attractive teachers in their 20s who fuck 13,14,15,16 yr old boys? We have a large problem with these women doing this and nothing is being done. Think about that dynamic though, why is that happening? It is all about control, immaturity, insecurity, etc. These women are sick pedophiles and it resonates throughout the United States.

    When you really think about it American women are not normal. They literally stopped wanting good, assertive, dominant, confident, and righteous men who will do right. Instead, they actively destroy them and actively engage in behaviors that destroy themselves and their own lineage. Do people realize how insane that is? Instead of children they choose careers. Instead of feminine looks and behavior they choose masculine looks and behavior. Then now we have the rush of bizarre inter-racial relationships which are based on false racist type stereotypes, anytime I see this I just laugh because of how absurd and stupid it is.

    The biggest and most disgusting of all is the obesity epidemic that is plaguing us. Listen, I don’t want to fuck fatties and neither should anyone else. It is wholly disgusting and not right at all. I calculated some statistics for the United States and it came out that 72% of the population was either overweight or obese. So what remains that is normal, around 28% of people so lets say 14% of women are a normal weight? That is literally insane. How are you supposed to get a woman with all these creatures roaming around that are like farm animals grazing at walmart and mcdonalds all the time?

    Dude, just based on this information and my observations regarding the social health of the United States tells me that this country is totally fucked. I don’t know what else to say except I enjoy your posts and hope you keep writing.


    1. Thanks for the kind words brother. In regards to your own situation. By the sounds of it you are an above average male who has been able to see the dark side of female nature. I remember from when I was dating regularly that multiple women that I had hooked up with were in relationships/married. Disgusting. “How can they do that to a man?” I thought. But then as you begin to analyze western culture you begin to see why:

      -Slut culture is celebrated.
      -Unlimited variety/options
      -No social consequences for immoral behavior.

      I am of the opinion that women are naturally submissive. A strong man can mold a woman to match his ideal….but this becomes an uphill battle when the culture, social influence, and lack of consequences for bad female behavior are all undermining your efforts.

      I will write a post soon on what I think makes a good woman. It truly is a unique time to be a decent man participating in the modern dating market. I admire and share your disdain of land whales.


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