Simp of The Week (#6)

Had multiple candidates this week.

Only went with one though.

“Mikey how can you write about stoicism one day and then introduce these simps the next.”

I’m only human.

And sometime I enjoy roasting simps.

Perhaps I will change the format soon…

Resource of the week, e-thot of the week, clown of the week…

Who knows….

Comment ideas if you have some.

That being said….do read my article on stoicism. I think those principles can help a lot of guys in many different areas of life.

To the simp lands…

Simpery isn’t just the act of complimenting and showering attention on random e-girls.

It’s also the inability of a man to walk away.

“I just feel bad about myself sometimes.”

“She makes fun of me.”

I don’t mind doing most of the housework.”

“You’re a simp bro.”

Why can’t this man grow some balls and walk away?

To exhibit B.

“I like cooking for her.”

“But she acts pissy if things are not as she expected.”

She makes me so happy is the thing.”

No she doesn’t…

She’s your only option.

“I feel like I’m not allowed to have my own thing.

You are.

You just have no balls.

Spineless men.

I’m not even going to shill MGTOW to this simp…

If you are in a relationship like this…walk away.

A woman who looks down on you….

Not worth your time….ever.

This guy is a simp of the highest order.

Trading years of his life to be treated like a dog.

Say “no.”

Men have the highest tolerance for disrespect in our modern times.

Draw the line of respect in your mind…

And if someone crosses that line….you impose consequences.

Because that is the mentality of a strong man.

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