Self Mastery-Monthly Challenge (June)

Congratulations to all those who participated in the May monthly challenge.

30 days without porn is an accomplishment.

Reward yourself (not with more porn). Buy yourself a gift,  a nice meal, or spend a day doing the things that you enjoy.

Anything….it’s up to you.

But don’t let 30 days of no porn be the end…let it be the beginning.

In spite of all the madness going on in this clown world….it’s important not to forget that we all have control of our own realms/actions.

So with that….let’s start our June challenge (June 11th-July 11th).

I asked you guys what you wanted the challenge to be…..

Based on the results….the majority desire exercise.

I like it.

June Challenge: Exercise for 45 minutes DAILY… any manner that fits you.

Personally I enjoy lifting and running.

Starts: June 11th (Today)

Ends: July 11th 

Details: 45 minutes daily exercise….walking doesn’t count, must exert effort (sweat). 

A couple books that have helped me….

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe


Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade.

“The first wealth is health.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

There was also demand for the challenge to be quitting porn for a second month….so I will continue to add weekly aid links on the original post.

And for those of you who voted on semen retention (I sense the eye rolls)….I have been practicing with semen retention for the past month and will do a write up before the end of the month.

I hope to see more participation this month (just comment on the twitter thread or on the post to share your progress).

Good luck brothers.

Weekly aid

Week 1:


Week 2:

I figure I’ll chime in this week.

There really is no excuse to be a fat slob if you are under 30.

If you are over 30 perhaps genetics and your metabolism have worked against you.

No matter what age…

Make exercise a part of your daily routine.

Life is motion.

The red pill community often tells men to lift because it will get them laid.

Lift because it strengthens your body.

Run because it strengthens your heart.

The body is your true home in this life.

You only get one….

Exercise daily to keep your temple running smoothly.

An old childhood friend of mine is quite the obese guy…

He is currently dating a very obese woman.

I’d venture to guess that if he went monk mode for six months and shed his weight he would find in himself a higher self esteem…

Perhaps he would date a woman more suitable for him.

She’s not suitable because she’s fat?”


Obesity is an illness.

Get off your ass and exercise.

Week 3: Starting Strength

Week 4: Convict Conditioning PDF


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