Esther Vilar Truth Bombs

Today I’d like to share with you some red pills from Esther Vilar’s 1971 book, The Manipulated Man.

Vilar is a woman…

No…this is not a book written by  a “misogynistic” man…

These truth bombs come straight from the hive itself.

In this book Vilar lays out many hard to swallow truths about the sexual/societal dynamics between men and women….

Vilar received great criticism from women upon releasing this work.

Perhaps there are just some things men should not know…..

So without further adue,

“Today’s men need feminism much more than their wives do. Feminists are the last ones who still describe men the way they like to see themselves: as egocentric, power-obsessed, ruthless and without inhibitions when it comes to satisfying their instincts.”

1. Men are conscripted; women are not.

2. Men are sent to fight in wars; women are not.

3. Men retire later than women (even though, due to their lower lifeexpectancy, they should have the right to retire earlier).

4. Men have almost no influence over their reproduction (for males, there is neither a pill nor abortion – they can only get the children women want them to have).

5. Men support women; women never, or only temporarily, support men. 

6. Men work all their lives; women work only temporarily or not at all.

7. Even though men work all their lives, and women work only temporarily or not at all, on average, men are poorer than women. (Not sure on validity of this one in 1971….but perhaps a future trend)

8. Men only “borrow” their children; woman can keep them (as men work all their lives and women do not, men are automatically robbed of their children in cases of separation – with the reasoning that they have to work).

“A woman will make use of a man whenever there is an opportunity.” 

“Women let men work for them, think for them, and take on their responsibilities – in fact, they exploit them.”

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 8.29.25 AM
“They just send me money”

“Any qualities in a man that a woman finds useful, she calls masculine, all others, of no use to her or to anyone else for that matter, she chooses to call effeminate.

(This reminds me of an old post I wrote….5 Truths On Women)

A man’s appearance has to be masculine if he wants to have success with women, and that means it will have to be geared to his one and only raison d’être – work.

His appearance must conform to each and every task put to him, and he must always be able to fulfill it.”

“Apart from a wedding ring – worn to show that he is already being used by a particular woman for a particular purpose – a proper man wears no ornaments.

His clumsy, functional watch, Worn on the wrist, is hardly decorative. Heavy in design, waterproof, shock-resistant, showing the correct date, it cannot possibly be called an ornament.

Usually it was given to him by the woman for whom he works. Shirts, underwear, and socks for real men are so standardized that”

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 8.32.44 AM
Fingernails-A status symbol that communicates….”A man works for me.”

“No matter what a particular man does or how he spends his day, he has one thing in common with all other men – he spends it in a degrading manner. And he himself does not gain by it. 

It is not his own livelihood that matters: he would have to struggle far less for that, since luxuries do not mean anything to him anyway.

It is the fact that he does it for others that makes him so tremendously proud. He will undoubtedly have a photograph 8 of his wife and children on his desk, and will miss no opportunity to hand it around.”

“A man who changes his way of life, or rather his profession (for life and profession are synonymous to him), is considered unreliable. If he does it more than once, he becomes a social outcast and remains alone.”

“A man who has lost his capacity for earning money is automatically freed from his burden and should be glad about this happy ending – but freedom is the last thing he wants.

He functions, as we shall see, according to the principle of pleasure in non-freedom. To be sentenced to life-long freedom is a worse fate than life-long slavery.”

“To put it another way: man is always searching for someone or something to enslave him, for only as a slave does he feel secure – and, as a rule, his choice falls on a woman. Who or what is this creature who is responsible for his lowly existence and who, moreover, exploits him in such a way that he only feels safe as her slave, and her slave alone?”

“By the age of twelve at the latest, most women have decided to become prostitutes. Or, to put it another way, they have planned a future for themselves which consists of choosing a man and letting him do all the work. In return for his support, they are prepared to let him make use of their vagina at certain given moments.”

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 8.41.46 AM
The latest trend among our future mothers

“There is one great advantage which women have over men: they have a choice – a choice between the life of a man and the life of a dimwitted, parasitic luxury item. There are too few women who would not select the latter. Men do not have this choice.”

“Of course, a woman will always be pleased if a man turns to look at her – and if he is well dressed or drives an expensive sports car, so much the better. Her pleasure may be compared to that of a shareholder who finds that his stocks have risen.”

“But if another woman should turn to look – a rare occurrence, for her own judgment is infinitely more remorseless than that of a man – her day is made. She has achieved the impossible – the recognition, admiration, and “love” of other women. Yes, only women exist in a woman’s world.”

“In fact, when a woman dresses, she considers a man only to a slight extent – the extent necessary to hold him and to encourage him to provide (in the widest sense) for her. Every other investment is aimed at other women. Man has importance only as the provider.”

Tons of red pills in this book.

Vilar really lets the cat out of the bag on how many women mentally operate….

In summary of today’s truth bombs:

  • Men are workhorses
  • A man love’s the slave mentality women present to him
  • “Masculinity” is often used as a social construct by women to shape men into more useful tools.
  • Ornaments on women like makeup, long finger nails, high heels–>status symbols which communicate that a man works for her.
  • The opinion of other women is far more important to a woman than the collective opinion of men.
  • The importance of men is in what they provide (resources)

That last point is key considering this book was written in 1971…..

Vilar wrote this book from the perspective that many men were providing for women and their families.

In 2020 that is not so often the case….

Women are now encouraged to be workhorses….

After all being a corporate slave is the “liberated” and “woke”….far exceeding the pleasures of motherhood.

So if the importance of men to women is what they provide…..

And women are currently providing for themselves along with government, corporate quotas, propaganda, and simps offering numerous economic opportunities….

The need for one single provider man is negligible.


“For only as a slave does he feel secure.”

Many men long for that providerdom….

But if they would just sit back and think for a moment, they would realize….

“I am free.”


There is a devaluation of men..

but that doesn’t mean you have feel misery for it.

“Life is terrible because I don’t get to spend every waking hour serving my wife.”

Sounds stupid, but “Happy wife, happy life”…that is what we are taught.

It’s natural for a man to want to procreate and start a family.

But serving women….without any regard for your own desires/needs…


Embrace freedom.

Well, I hope these quotes gave you some valuable insight today….

I’ll talk to you guys soon.



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