The Demoralization of Men

It’s everywhere.

The powers that be have an agenda to demoralize the men of this world.

They want you to feel….




“Why though?


The complexities of society prevent offering a precise answer. 

Men throughout history have been society’s leaders…

At its most rudimentary level society was built from the family unit.

The skyscrapers, bridges, and houses you see were built by men trying to support their families.

A father leads, provides, and sets the tone for his family unit.

“How can society be controlled on a grand scale?”

Dismantle the family…..remove the father.

This is evident through the welfare system put into place over many decades.

The reason for the demoralization of men is….


“Demoralize a man….break him down and make him so inferior as to not think twice about becoming a father.”

Demoralizing men ushers in mass dependence on central governments.

Dependence = Power. 

“But I do not want a family.”

“Marriage is a trap.”


This is why the philosophy of MGTOW continues to grow.

Men are realizing the “damned if i do, damned if i don’t” scenario they are in.

“If i start a family and marry the modern “go-girl empowered woman” I run the risk of losing it all.”

“If  I don’t start a family and marry I will never experience the fulfillment of fatherhood.” 

Now this isn’t a trad-con blog…..

My aim is to get at the truth.

And the truth is that a society filled with weakened, demoralized men… a society that can be controlled.

So how are the powers that be demoralizing you?

From pure observance I see three main ways this process is taking place:

  1. Pornography
  2. Propaganda
  3. Pussification

The 3 P’s of demoralization if you will. 


I have already discussed in a previous post why I believe men should purge porn from their lives, Purge Porn From Your Life…Watch What Happens.

But let’s delve into it from the lense of demoralization.

It is my belief that porn is addictive (I have anecdotal evidence that backs this belief).

Porn does two things:

  1. It addicts your reward center to ejaculation and the viewing of sexually graphic images. (kills your drive)
  2. It conditions you to be rewarded for passivity/spectatorship.

So now that your reward center is wired to porn…..there is really no point to take on other endeavors in your life.

-Start a new career–>no i’ll just watch porn.

-Socialize with friends–>no porn makes me feel good.

-Exercise–>Nah, porn.

Your brain is awarded with dopamine bombs for the act of laying on your ass and tugging your meat.

You are conditioned to be idle.

And when you are doing nothing….nothing happens. 

The passivity caused by porn is a downward cycle.

You don’t feel like doing anything because your brain is already flush with its dopamine high…..

Then you feel depressed because nothing is happening in life….

Then you watch porn again.

And the cycle continues.

It’s a hard cycle to see while you’re in it.


It’s in your face constantly.

Advertisements, social media, and politicians all pushing the message “men are weak.”

This is often done in an indirect fashion, but as time has passed these campaigns have grown emboldened.

Just check out these ads below:

In this ad notice how the man is sitting down and the woman is standing up. (subliminal messaging?)

The woman speaks with authority, correcting the man for his doofus mistakes (butt dialing).

Ads like this are the norm.

Portraying men as dumb, bumbling idiots, while women are portrayed as competent super humans.

Again….it’s not about hating women….it’s about navigating a world that seeks to demoralize men.

Now to exhibit B.

Obviously their is a racial aspect to this commercial.

I hold no ill will towards any particular race, but it is obvious that there is an agenda to demonize white men in the modern era.

The more important point here is the agenda to normalize cuckery.

To instill in the subconscious of society that it is normal for a woman to cuck her partner.

Plainly….Humiliation of men is ok.”

And this is a demoralizing effort that affects all men.

And again below,


“Open relationships”

More bold in this ad.

But I wonder if you caught the more subtle aspects of this propaganda….

From the start….

The husband is looking at the woman…seeking permission to start speaking.

“I’ll start”….the woman takes initiative.

Then the woman says,

I am all about experiencing new things”

Husband: “Yeah.”

My insurance needs.”

The woman has no concern for the thoughts/desire of her partner…

It’s all about Me, I, My….

She is in control.

Also notice that she rarely looks at the man….

she is not interested in seeking his approval. (the opposite is the case for the husband)

The message?

Men are weak.

Women are dominant.

The opposite of the natural order.

And this is all geared towards demoralizing you.

Ads like this are very common.


The 3rd way men have been demoralized is through pussification.

Society at large has discouraged young boys away from their natural states.

-Freedom seeking

-Action taking


“Because gender is just a construct after all.”

I couldn’t stomach watching the whole thing.

It sickens me to see the sexualization of children.

Just another subversive tactic to enslave humanity to their base instincts.

There is a reason that there are more male-to-female transgenders than the opposite.

It’s celebrated by society.

Just look at how little drag queen Desmond is celebrated as brave and heroic on national television.


And how could we forget,

“Not cool man.”

“I am strong”, says the little girl.

More propaganda aimed at castrating men on the subconscious level.

Porn, propaganda, pussification.

These are the forces used to demoralize men on a grand scale.

I cannot fail to mention the effects of an inverted dating market on the psyche of men.

The number of incels is growing


So many men equate sexual conquests to the doorway of manhood.

It’s not.

But imagine that 85% of men hold the belief: “If i can’t laid….I am a failure.”

You start seeing stories like this….

Demoralized men are often violent men.

How to escape the demoralization

You can’t control society.

You can’t eliminate all the feminist propaganda.

You can’t revert the sexual market to a state of equality.

But you don’t have to feed into it.

You can change your beliefs.

“Getting laid and chasing my lust is not the pathway to manhood.” 

“There is nothing wrong with masculinity.” 

“If I do nothing, nothing will happen.”

And cut the porn.

I wrote another article last week, Mindsets That Will Change Your Life. (That might help too)

The point is don’t let this misandry filled society we live in get you down.

Mass change starts with individuals taking back control of their own realms.

Recognize the demoralization tactics….

But don’t let them get to you.

Until next time.



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