Red Flags

I am sure some of you reading this will describe yourselves as perpetual MGTOWS.

“I will never marry.”

“I will never be in another relationship.”

And perhaps for some others MGTOW is a cocoon phase.

A time dedicated towards improving your lot in life.

Your mind, body, and soul.

Maybe on the other end of this process you will take another shot at creating a family in the pits of our degenerate society.

Whatever the reason…it is important that every man be aware of the red flags that modern women pose.

Should you decide to jump back into the cesspool we call our modern dating market these red flags should present themselves quite easily.

I understand that many reading this will someday move on from the MGTOW stage of their life and willingly take on the role of perpetual workhorse.

So if that is your choice (no judgement here) it is important to remember this:

Commiting to the wrong woman can ruin your life.

These are the red flags to help you identify who that woman is.

1. Single Mother

“Why shouldn’t I date a single mother with kids?”

“I love kids” you say.

First off, these are not your kids.

When you commit to a single mother you are rewarding bad behavior.

Screenshot (33)
“No exceptions”


Screenshot (34)
TInder: A single mom factory

This woman chose to have unprotected sex with a man unfit for fatherhood (the dude walked).

She opened herself up to the risk of pregnancy before locking down a good man.

That’s on her.

“How dare you say that….what these cucks are doing is noble….they are stepping up to the plate and caring for children that need a father!”

I’ll just say it like it is…..when you date a single mom there are two caveats:

(1) The biggest caveat—>Her kids/children will ALWAYS come before you.

(2) You have entered a relationship that frames you as the white knight.

And the white knight will always be expected to sacrifice his own needs for the benefit of his queen.

Don’t date single moms.

2. Tattoos/Piercings

This one is brief.

My personal opinion is that tattoos and a plethora of piercings are unattractive on a woman.

These are masculinizing ornaments.

Septum Piercing

But that’s besides the point.

Beyond that tattoos sub communicate that a woman has little impulse control.

They also communicate the need to act out externally (usually to fill a void).

This equates to a high notch count which equates to a lower capacity for pair bonding.

Tats/piercings = hard pass.

3. High Body Count

I remember having a conversation with an old childhood friend of mine.

Childhood friend: “I don’t understand why you think a woman with a high body count disqualifies her as commitment worthy”

Me:  ……

Mind you….this friend of mine moved across the country to be in a relationship with a single mother of two….that he met online.

(Needless to say that relationship didn’t work out for my friend…big surprise there.)

If you really need me to explain why a high body count is a red flag…..then you’re in trouble.

But just in case…

No man wants used goods. 

“Misogynist”….I can hear it already.

The more men a woman sleeps with, the lower her ability to pair bond. There are studies on this.

Screenshot (35)
The more sexual partners a woman has had, the less stable the marriage.

Risk and body count are negatively correlated.

The lower the body count (Virgin being ideal) the less risk commitment poses.

As the saying goes, “You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.”

So don’t try.

4. Heavy social media use

Instagram influencer…..snapchat queen….doesn’t matter.

Heavy social media use is a red flag.

As many of you already know we live in a world infested with thirsty simps.

When a woman is on social media she receives an abundance of attention from these thirsty men.

“Ahhh….the validation.”

Simps pose no threat to the loyal husband….instead they feed into a character trait that should be avoided all together.


A woman who needs attention/validation from 100’s of thirsty online simps is feeding the vice we call vanity.

A narcissistic woman pedestalizes herself from the praises/compliments she receives on social media.

Eventually she will look down on you from this pedestal.

“I am in such demand….all these men are so thirsty for my beautiful body.”

That demand will eventually be projected on to you….in the form of attention, time, and money.

Heavy use of instagram/snapchat/facebook—>Red Flag. 

5. Poor relationship with her father

Not too much to explain on this one.

A woman’s daddy issues will leak into every relationship she has with men.

Alcoholic father–>She will chase men she must fix.

Abusive father–>She will seek out men that treat her like shit.

Good father–>She will seek men that offer safety/protection

Avoid women who speak poorly of their fathers. 

6. Substance Abuse

Avoid women who drink excessive amounts of alcohol or use drugs.

The party types if you will.

These are addicts….

These women will hit the wall harder than most.

They also have the potential to destroy a man’s life.

The things an addict will do to get their fix: lie, steal, cheat.

You are gambling your livelihood, reputation, and decent childhood for your children when you commit to an addict.

Avoid addicts at all costs.

7. Feminist

“ImA CarEEr IndePenDent WoMyn…I LyKE To CoMPeTe WiTH MeN!.”

Screenshot (36)
Career woman Hillary Clinton is just oozing feminine beauty.

How any man can be attracted to these types is beyond me….

“Just the real men!”

Nah….these women do not think for themselves.

‘They have digested modern feminist propaganda that requires “real women” to compete and excel in the realm of men.

Competitive, ambitious, constantly needing to prove themselves to the world.

I remember back when I used to be a Tintard….

I asked one of the girls I met up with:

“What are your goals in life?”

Her answer: “To build an empire and make as much money as I can.”


These types want to dominate and compete with you.

“You’re just scared Mikey! You can’t compete with such a strong, independent queen!”

No…you just fail to recognize a simple biological fact:

Men are the dominant sex. We are filled with testosterone, physically stronger….you can’t compete. 

Don’t date adrogynous feminazis. 

8. The Online dater

The online dater is pretty much a conglomowoman of the above characteristics.


Your average tinderella


The tatted up, narcissistic, obese, independent single mom.

With lots of daddy issues of course.

I just included this red flag to remind you that online dating is a waste of time.

It is setup in a way that 80-90% of men will compete for the bottom 20% of women, while 80% of women will compete for the top 10% of men.

Don’t waste your time simping on tinder. 

“Such a bitter post Mikey. You must be a tiny dick incel…..who hurt you?” 

This is just a post for you resilient guys out there who might someday still want to create a family and diverge from the 🤡 trend of depopulation.

For some others this might just be nice reminder as to why MGTOW is the path to freedom.

Feel free to comment on anything thing I missed.

Talk to you soon brothers.



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