MGTOW Principles

I’m not a guru.

Nor do I very much like those life coaches that charge guys hundreds of dollars for common sense life advice. (most often the answer to your questions can be found from introspection, turning off your phone, and asking yourself hard questions). 

That being said, there are a few principles I want to implement in my own MGTOW journey to self mastery.

By no means is anything I say gospel…..I am a man just like you….I have my own flaws.

So with you understanding that caveat, here they are:

1. View lust as enslavement.

“Not to be swayed by passions is the highest spiritual quality of all.”

This was and is still hard for me at times. We live in a sexualized society.

Instagram, pornhub, yoga pants.

It is our biological objective as men to spread our seed to as many women as possible.

But just because something is in our nature does not mean we can’t tame it.

Presently most men are slaves to their lust.

Sex fills their minds every waking hour of the day (most times because they aren’t getting any).

-Hours on dating apps

-Posting on social media to up their social proof

-Bar hopping (pre-covid)

-Watching PUAs on youtube

-Late nights browsing porn hub (see Purge Porn From Your Life…Watch What Happens.)

It’s natural.

We as guys want to bang hot women…’re lying if you say you don’t.

This desire becomes enslavement when you chase it.

Most men believe that manhood is tied to notch count (number of sexual partners). 

Lust is a slave master.

It controls your time and energy. When you decide to stop chasing your lust you take back your time and energy.

The redirection of time and energy spent chasing lust can be powerful.


2. Recognize the clown….but don’t let it consume you.

“Never stumble over fools.”

I received an email from a guy the other day.

“I don’t much care about life anymore.”

That’s an easy place to come to considering the clownish state of our world.

Drag Queen Story time 🤡

We have the normalization of polyamory, cuckoldry, drag queen story time, and worst of all the sexualization of children.

And on top of all that we have feminist propaganda being force fed down our throats.

Commercials, movies, school, the HR department, etc.

It’s easy to be angry at the current state. I feel it at times too (see my twitter).

Don’t let it consume you. Society and culture are out of our control. It’s best to tune out at times and focus on the things we can control. 

Bringing me to the next principle

3. Invest in yourself 

Take it seriously.

No half assing.

The fruits of self investment are similar to the exponential returns of interest. But you’ll never see those returns if you stop investing after a day.

Keep building skills, reading books, finding hobbies that fulfill you.

Self invest daily. And don’t stop. 

4. Value your time

You might hear this often….but it’s worth repeating daily.

Your time is scarce.

Each day you spend at that shitty soul crushing job….you’re not getting back.

I’ve worked my share of dead end jobs and I don’t regret leaving them for a second.

This is it.

This is your life……you can’t replace the hours.

Avoid time thieves. These are the people that want to drain you of your time with meaningless bullshit.

Which is worse? The man who steals $100 from your wallet or the man who wastes an hour of your time? 

Most will answer the former….but the latter is worse.

You can earn $100 back….never the hour. See, Read This Once a Month…Life Is Short.

Take back your time.

5. Value your health

“At this moment, lying on the sick bed and recalling my whole life, I realize that all the recognition and wealth that I took so much pride in, have paled and become meaningless in the face of impending death.”

-Steve Jobbs

An ill billionaire will trade his entire fortune for a healthy body.

Lift weights, cut alcohol/soda/drugs, eat healthier, and reduce phone time.

Your health is your most important asset in life (even more so than time).

Health trumps all.

6. Do not marry 

In the words of Heartiste (an old manosphere blogger),

“In divorce, it’s men who suffer more financially:

The divorce system tends to award wives custody of the children, substantial child support, the marital home, half the couple’s assets, and often, heavy alimony payments.”

Men have the most to lose in the modern marriage. See, Red Pills On Marriage.

You’re playing with fire.

On one hand you have social media and online dating working against you—>infidelity

On the other you signed the legal document—>Join assets

“But if I have a wife I’ll get all the sex I want.”

Go check out dead bedrooms on Reddit.

Marriage is a risky gamble with minimal rewards.

7. Seek truth

“Don’t hold on to anything too firmly.”

We live in a world that wants to hide the truth.

Fake news, social conditioning, and censorship.

It’s difficult to discern fact from fiction.

The Cave-Plato’s Allegory

Constantly seeks new sources of knowledge and question all that is mainstream.

Read classic literature…..and don’t be satisfied with the first answer you find with a google search.

Value the truth.

8. Drop Societal Expectations

No, don’t change your pronouns.

The normal societal expectations for a man are as follows:

-Go to school, graduate.

-Work for the man.

-Get married, have kids.

-Slave for 40 years.’


This is the modern slave’s blueprint.

But it doesn’t have to be yours.

Create your own blueprint.


9. Value your own opinion above all else

We live in the age of social media.

A great time to be alive if you are a giant phony.

Social media addicts the masses to the validation of the external.

This is another form of slavery.

What freedom do you have if every action you take is attached to chasing the dopamine hit of a facebook like?

Delete facebook. Delete instagram.

Put the highest stock in your own opinion.


This isn’t me trying to tell you how to live your life.

These are just principles I am trying to apply to my own life. Feel free to comment and add your own below.

Until next time.


5 thoughts on “MGTOW Principles

  1. This is great stuff! I personally need to work on #5 more. Keep up the good writing. It is appreciated.


    1. Mikey your posts are excellent!

      For the last 2 weeks I have been off my phone as much as possible and it’s for the very reasons you mention, social media, Twitch , even most of the vids on youtube are just a WASTE OF TIME. I feel so much cleaner mentally without them.

      As for lust well, I’ve battled with pornography for years, in fact it took my dick to stop working for me to stop pedastilizing pussy, it’s a really good trap, like you said it’s enslavement. I feel like i’ve wasted many years to the addiction but at least it brought me to a place where i can see it objectively, and now I’m sure I can make up for the the lost time and live my life to the fullest going forward. It’s like, I had to die to get here, but that’s better than living half alive.


  2. Keep going Dorian. Your comment reminds me of an old Cofucius quote:

    “We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.”

    I agree with you wholeheartedly on cutting phone time. Smart phones are addictive. They destroy attention span and the ability to focus. They also provide easy access to fulfill lusts. My personal rule is never to bring my smartphone into my bedroom. I only use it between certain times in the day.


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