Self Mastery-Monthly Challenge (May)

Hey guys,

I will be starting a monthly challenge for all of my readers to participate in.

May Challenge: An entire month abstaining from pornography.

Details: No pornography, no Instagram (soft porn).

This month is not a nofap challenge….just abstaining from porn for now.

Begins: May 11th

Ends: June 11th

To participate: Sign up to the MGTOW Mastery Newsletter on the right side of the front page

I will send out an email on the 11th….just respond to the email….”I’m in.”

I’ll be sending out a weekly find/helpful piece of content to help you on your month. (Likely on Saturday’s)

The condition: You must reply to my emails “I’m out” when you have failed the challenge.

Be honest….otherwise this is pointless.

The reason for this is I will be making a page on the blog dedicated to the winners of each monthly challenge.

I will list your twitter handle/name/etc (if you would like) once you have completed the challenge, perhaps keeping a running tally of your success.

This is a working idea, so we will see how the first month goes and if there are enough participants.

Good luck.


Weekly aid #1:

Weekly aid #2:

Weekly aid #3:

Weekly aid #4:

Weekly aid #5:

Weekly aid #6:

Weekly aid #7:

Congratulations to those who made it through 30 days without porn. Comment below if you completed the challenge.

Porn is a tool used to weaken men.

It conditions a man to wire his reward center to watch another man achieve his biological prerogative (cucking yourself).

It creates passivity.

If you can go 30 days, you can go 90 days….and then 200 days…and so on.

Quitting porn is a daily a commitment, do not reward yourself with more porn….

Look at the completion of this challenge as a new beginning, a fresh start.

What you just practiced was an exercise in will power. Few men can go 30 days without watching pornography.

And you just did that.

Now that your will power muscles are strong, imagine what else you could accomplish.

You could get in shape.

Quit smoking.

Start a blog.

Learn a skill.

It’s up to you.

But don’t let the end of these 30 days be the end of your growth process.

Porn is the enemy….don’t forget that.





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