Red Pills On Marriage

Marriage is finally being recognized for what it is….

A sham.

According to recent CDC reports the 2018 marriage rate was even lower than it was during the heart of the Great Depression.

“In 2018, marriage rates were the lowest they’ve been since 1900, with 6.5 new marriages per 1,000 people”

It wasn’t always a sham though….

There was once a time when marriage served a valuable purpose.

Screenshot (7)
Marriage was once an effective tool for family creation.

Marriage was once an effective means of taming sexual dimorphism/Hypergamy for the means of allocating male resources to the greater good of society. (Read: Men putting bread on the table for their families.)

“Sexual Di-what….Hypergamuh who?”

Sexual Dimorphism is simply the biological term used to describe the difference in physical form between the sexes. Women naturally gravitate towards men on the right side of the dimorphism bell curve .

Hypergamy defines the tendency of women to desire a mate who they perceive as superior to themselves.

Hypergamy Explained

These two tendencies were once tamed by the religious culture of  western society.

The absence of feminism also boded well those men looking to tie the knot.

Religion + Patriarchal culture allowed for a ratio of 1:1 if you will.

One woman for every man.

The tradcon dream.

But that dream has vanished.

Screenshot (12)
Third Wave Feminism

The rise of third wave Feminism, online dating, social media, and the professional development of women have eviscerated old johnny trad’s hopes of a fair tale marriage.

All this combined has led to the shackles of Sexual dimorphism and Hypergamy to become unchained.

That old 1:1 ratio is now 10:1….

“Why should I commit my life to a woman who sleeps around during her prime years.”

“My father lost half of everything when my mom divorced him.”

“Do I really want a dog-mom, feminist, career womyn to be the mother of my children?”

These are some of the thoughts floating in the collective male consciousness.

The mass reveal of female nature has laid the groundwork for men to wake up and realize many hard truths on marriage.


Red Pill #1: Husband=Workhorse

“If a young man gets married, starts a family, and spends the rest of his
life working at a soul-destroying job, he is held up as an example of virtue
and responsibility. The other type of man, living only for himself, working
only for himself, doing first one thing and then another simply because he
enjoys it and because he has to keep only himself, sleeping where and when
he wants, and facing woman when he meets her, on equal terms and not as
one of a million slaves, is rejected by society. The free, unshackled man has
no place in its midst.”

-Esther Vilar, Manipulated Man

That is how I view the modern husband.

Nothing more than a workhorse who has been duped into selling his soul for the satisfaction of a wife.

Screenshot (8)

But, “Happy wife happy life.”

A lie propagated to men throughout the past century.

This is the truth:

A husband is a workhorse.

This is true historically, and it’s true now with a huge caveat.

The modern workhorse will work for his maiden for 20 some odd years until wifey is “no longer feeling it.”

It’s time for her golden parachute….aka divorce!

“sO BitTeR MiKeY!”

“According to research from Utah State University, the financial burden on men specifically is substantial. The standard of living loss is general between 10 and 40 percent, and there are a couple of reasons why it statistically is often greater than the ex-wife’s. The first is the aforementioned alimony and child support that statistically is more likely to come from the man.”  (source:


“But I want kids someday”

As I said in my previous post, On Simps, my goal is not to promote depopulation.

If you can manage to find a decent woman unspoiled by feminism and western culture….and ALSO avoid the laws of common law in your country, by all means go for it…

I understand the desire for children.

Many men want to raise sons in a way they wish they could have been raised.

In an environment of truth.

That’s a noble cause.

The goal here is to help men avoid ruin and move towards self mastery.

And the first redpill down that path is…..

Don’t become a workhorse. Work on your health, business, passions, and hobbies….BUT DO NOT become a tinderella’s golden parachute. 


Red Pill #2: Wifing Used Goods….a recipe for disaster

This is usually how it goes.

The western woman sleeps around with chad a many times via the optionality presented to her by Tinder and Instagram…..

Mind you…this all happens during her prime years of youth and beauty.

All the while, Mr. Provider (read 85% of men) is sold the lie that he “should just be himself…and eventually the right one will come along.”

And they always come along right around the same time….27-32 years of age.

Right around the time their biological clock is ticking and they are receiving invites to their other friends’ weddings.

The FOMO is kicking in.

“It’s time to find my golden parachute provider” , says the young woman.

She is used good fellas.

Unless she is a virgin….I wouldn’t marry her.

Screenshot (6)
The modern marriage also presents the opportunity to be a cuck….a 2020 badge of honor.

Don’t wife used goods.

Red Pill #3: Divorce Rape 

You saw the stats above….

the standard of living drop for man post divorce is around 10-40%.

But it’s not just your assets that are in peril post divorce, it’s your health and peace of mind:

Women initiate divorce more often than men (according to Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfeld, 69% of divorces are initiated by women), and studies have shown that marital happiness is typically higher for men than for women1.

Other studies have demonstrated that divorce is associated with worse mental and physical health for men than for women2; in fact, men are more likely to consider suicide after a separation than women3.

Screenshot (13)
No doubt some men would want to off themselves after this nuclear cucking.

It goes back to that lie: “Happy wife, wife….happy life.” 

This idea that the whole basis of your existence is making your spouse happy.

And once that basis is taken away….these men want to off themselves.

Instead, they should return to the MGTOW way of life, focusing on:

  • Peace of mind
  • Professional development
  • Hobbies
  • Truth seeking
  • Philosophy

It varies for every man.

But the second half of divorce rape is losing your children:

“More often than not, after a divorce, the mother ends up with child custody. This will leave men only seeing their children on a custody schedule and not on an everyday basis as they did when they were married. Men will feel like they aren’t a part of the children’s lives anymore”


Imagine having big daddy government dictate when you can see your kiddos. Part-time daddy.

And that’s divorce rape. 

Loss of financial assets + Loss of Children + Loss of peace of mind 

Protect yourself. It still amazes me that men will enter a marriage without a prenup….

“We don’t need one….we will love each other forever!”

42-45% percent of first marriages end in divorce. 60% of second marriages end in divorce. 73% of third marriages end in divorce.

Even the GOAT wasn’t “enough” to achieve that lifelong marriage.

But you’re different.

Ok, buddy.

Of course….they’re always execptions.

But exceptions don’t prove the rule.

Just don’t get rekt out there guys….and never off yourself over divorce or a woman.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.


Women are more educated and earn more money than ever before thanks to feminism and corporate gender quotas.

“Women have become more than half the group that goes to college and are rising as wage earners,” Saltz explained. “(Women) aren’t marrying you to have your money. They’re making their own money, and so what is he bringing to the table exactly?”

Read: “Independent women don’t need no man.”

Just a golden parachute.

Yes, the great decline of marriage is alarming at a macro level….

Once a way to allocate male resources and to build civilization on a 1:1 ratio, curb crime, continue the species….

Marriage is now a trap. A trap backed by our misandric legal system.

Don’t be a workhorse for a woman that carasouled away her 20’s.

Don’t sacrifice your peace of mind to fulfill the “happy wife, happy life” lie.

Don’t get married.


Until next time.



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