Introducing MGTOW Mastery

Hey guys,

This is my first post on MGTOW Mastery.

This is a project I will be working on over the next several months to help men on their path to self mastery.

We currently live in a world that wants you to be a slave.

A slave to lust.

A slave to your phone.

A slave to female validation.

It’s time to break the chains.

“So what will be the focus of MGTOWMastery?”

There are many mgtow content creators that focus on the negative aspects of women (see my twitter):


-Narcissistic tendencies incited by social media

-Brain washed by feminist media to be wanna-be men.

All true.

But the component that many of these content creators miss is that it is thirsty men who are the ROOT cause of  these natural tendencies.

The DM diving…

The wasted hours endlessly swiping right…

The late night club hopping to bed a scrap of mediocre poon…

It’s a simp culture that has grown in epic proportions.

The normalization of cuckholdry, polyamory, and open hypergamy…


I hope to play some role in curbing that culture through this blog.

Here I will focus on topics that serve you in your journey to self mastery….

-Toxic Feminism 



Red pills/Truths 



-Ancient wisdom


-Simp Shaming/Clown World

-Cultural Subversion

The goal of this blog is to help my fellow man navigate this clown world.

If at the very least that means giving you the peace of mind knowing you are not the only one who sees this world for the state it’s currently in…

Then so be it.

But the more ambitious goal is to help men grow in spite of the clownery.

To kill addiction.

To kill simpery.

To kill the slave mentality.

Perhaps a few simps will stumble upon this blog and realize the foolishness of their ways.

Intuitively I know for every self respecting man there are 1000 simps.

What a grand achievement it would be to tilt that ratio in the opposite direction even slightly.

So welcome to MGTOW Mastery, I hope this blog can inspire you on your own journey to self-mastery and truth.

I encourage all of my first time readers to subscribe to my email list on the front page on the off chance of future censorship.

You can also email me:

Simply respond with any topics you would like discussed down the road. I have many in mind, but would love to hear from you.



If you’d like to support the blog:

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